SpeechStorm: Contact Centers Augmented with Personalized IVR

Oliver Lennon, CEO
Over the last decade, numerous advances in technology have helped improve contact center response times. Now, organizations are plunging into newer technologies for an enhanced business process and efficient customer service. However, most of the organizations are still battling two major challenges. “For one, the high cost to handle large call volumes and the increasing level of service that customers demand,” begins Oliver Lennon, CEO of SpeechStorm. Secondly, enterprises look for call personalization, omni-channel capability, and heightened security solutions. With a strong focus on providing customized IVR solutions, SpeechStorm offers organizations with optimal balance between cost-effective solutions and customer satisfaction levels. “We offer innovative solutions built around IVR and mobile apps, and address contact center needs to improve overall customer experience,” he adds. In doing so, SpeechStorm helps contact center CIOs in finding a balance between rising costs and improving their Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The firm’s key offering, the Personalized IVR generates customized IVR menus to individual customers by using data on customer preferences, context of prior interactions, and transaction history. “Our solution is developed to customize the user experience as soon as the customer interacts with a contact center,” says Lennon. The versatile and responsive Personalized IVR can be leveraged into various verticals that require interactive customer services. SpeechStorm’s offering, instead of providing every customer the same IVR menu options, presents only the relevant menu options, based on the customer data and the context of the call. This is followed by intelligently directing the customer to an agent who has a better understanding of the customer’s requirements. The intelligent routing and customized menus have helped save resources and time of both the client and their

SpeechStorm also offers PCI payment applications which can be used as part of a self-service or agent assisted interactions, Mobile eXperience (MX) which offers customers access to a range of self-service and smart phones functionality including camera integration, maps and more, and Visual IVR which allows companies to engage with customers on the web or their mobile devices to present visual options, menus and self-service.

Our solution is developed to customize the user experience as soon as the customer interacts with the contact center

SpeechStorm’s solutions have been leveraged by telecom companies, banks, insurance companies, utilities suppliers, and logistics providers to improve productivity and utilize resources in a smarter manner. One such firm is Eircom, the largest telecom providers in Ireland, approached SpeechStorm to implement an IVR solution that could be deployed in a short duration and increase the adaptability of their existing system. With the IVR solution in place, customers have benefitted greatly from time saved through speedy query resolution. The solution utilized Ericom’s customer data to gain valuable insight and offered a better customer experience including better self-service options. In addition, their NPS score increased from 5.6 to 6.2 within one month of implementation.

Lennon credits SpeechStorm’s success to its 4Cs strategy— customer, context, capacity, and control. “The 4C’s approach helps us to clearly outline how the SpeechStorm Personalization Platform addresses our clients’ call center needs,” says Lennon. “We use the client information and the context acquired from the call to determine if the call can be self-serviced or if it needs to be passed to a specialist team.” Using SpeechStorm, the client 's business users are also given the tools to control the customer experience.

For the future the company plans to extend support for SMS, Chat and Social Media automation as part of its omni-channel strategy and support across multiple contact center platforms.


Belfast, United Kingdom

Oliver Lennon, CEO

Provides solutions on Interactive Voice Response, speech self-service and mobile apps to improve customer experience and enhance the clients’ Net Promoter Score.