SpeedCast: Reliable Communications for Field Services

Tim Bailey, SVP, Products, Marketing, Business Development, & IT
“It is not simple to run a large-scale, worldwide service and support operation,” says Tim Bailey, SVP, Products, Marketing, Business Development, and IT, SpeedCast. Processes and systems must be highly efficient to ensure that the customer receives the right type of help, from the most qualified individual in a timely manner. “For this we understand that continuous connectivity is a must for our customers to get real time updates from the field service operators,” emphasizes Bailey. Founded in 1999, SpeedCast has evolved as a pioneer in highly reliable, fully managed, end-to-end remote communication and IT solutions for the field service operations. SpeedCast provides a diversity of communications services including a satellite, terrestrial and wireless solutions to customers in the maritime, energy, government, cruise, mining, media, telecommunications and enterprise industries.

SpeedCast’s network services wrap up everything from design, deployment, operation and maintenance of networks, including installation and equipment configuration. “We provide a holistic view of customers’ installations to identify and manage persistent problems, while providing the end user a view into their system,” says Bailey. “SpeedCast maintains the availability of satellite capacity, the proximity of core infrastructure required to deliver the service, and the skilled personnel to complete the network design, system integration, and follow-up maintenance and support during the lifetime of the network service. In addition to these mainstream solutions, SpeedCast offers its customers a range of value-added services, such as user applications—voice, video conferencing, video surveillance, network optimization, and network monitoring and management, including reporting tools and remote access for IT technicians.

SpeedCast’s experience spans almost two decades in designing and integrating multiple, complex telecommunication systems on-time and on-budget. For instance, Bristow, a provider of industrial aviation services, offering transportation, search and rescue and aircraft support to government and civil organizations joined hands with SpeedCast to manage their oversized network, which was growing too large for in-house management. SpeedCast provided them with opportunities for streamlining and more IT options for updating and improving the Bristow network. Bristow account is a prime example of the company’s expertise in global network managed services.

We provide a holistic view of customers’ installations to identify and manage persistent problems, while entrusting that the end user has a view into their system

SpeedCast has a focused team dedicated to designing, installing and optimizing networks. The company has conducted extensive testing over several VSAT architectures, including TDMA and SCPC, to ensure a high degree of interoperability between the WAN optimization appliances and satellite modems. Before a solution is deployed, it is engineered to ensure seamless integration and complete interoperability with the existing infrastructure. Subsequently, SpeedCast’s engineers and technicians install the WAN optimization hardware at the remote site and corporate office and provide support on a 24/7 basis from its global Network Operations Center (NOC).

“We are investing heavily in the latest service tracking platform to help speed response and process immediate feedback from those in the field,” says Bailey. “Our technicians follow the sun model where open tickets are automatically transferred to the next shift be it in the same NOC or one located in another part of the world.” Apart from these solutions, SpeedCast provides professional services, which includes providing of technical manpower and expertise dedicated to a single customer.

“We operate at the cutting edge of technology and push every offering into new territory for performance and capabilities,” says Bailey. SpeedCast recently acquired Harris CapRock and the combined product portfolio and scale enables the company to deliver innovative new solutions and world-class support to its global customers. This expanded footprint and infrastructure, enabled by over 240 field engineers around the world is unique and will enable SpeedCast to provide best-in-class services and support to its customers.


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Tim Bailey, SVP, Products, Marketing, Business Development, & IT

Provides highly reliable, fully managed, end-to-end remote communication and IT solutions formission-critical applications in industries such as maritime, oil and gas, enterprise, media, cruise and government