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Gerard Daher, CEO
The target audience is the basis of any successful data-driven marketing strategy. While companies spend lots of time and efforts on collecting data, they lag when it comes to utilizing it and responding in context to the market opportunities. For organizations finding it hard to utilize customer interactions data with the increasing number of channels and ever-changing customer needs, Speedeon Data perfectly fits the bill. The firm provides advanced data segmentation, data modeling, and data monitoring strategies to help clients discover potential customers and create high-impact acquisition and fitting retention programs. "Speedeon Data's goal has been to provide our clients with the highest quality customer contact data, delivered expeditiously through the most innovative data products and services in the industry," states Gerard Daher, CEO of Speedeon Data.

Acquisition, growth, retention, and win-back of customers is the goal for every company but considering every brand’s situation has their own unique goals, objectives, and limitations to the table, along with different underlying data. Speedeon Data’s robust Data Management Platform enables custom marketing solutions that help organizations deliver a pro-active, engaged and high-end customer service across the entire customer life cycle. The company does this by bringing together advanced technology infrastructure, a suite of innovative data solutions and its in-depth expertise in data sciences, database technologies, and digital and other direct marketing strategies.

Speedeon Data's unique approach involves three processes—Data Enhancement, Customer Discovery, and Communications Deployment to transform raw data into rich customer profiles and actionable insights. Using a wide-range of Data Enhancement strategies, Speedeon Data ensures a client's customer data is complete and accurate. By overlaying revealing lifestyle attributes of the client drawn from the firm's demographic, and ethnic Data files— the company provides timely notification of the relocations and other life stage events. These Data overlays are a vital step in the development of advanced data segmentation, predictive modeling, and life-event trigger marketing strategies.
Prior to being on-board clients into Speedeon Data's Data Management Platform, the information routinely undergoes Data Normalization to delete any duplicate or non-standard data elements and ensure that records are properly formatted. In addition, Speedeon Data uses CASS and NCOA Processing, secondary address processing, and other data hygiene solutions to ensure that customer records are accurate and up-to-date.

Response Models helps in identifying key demographic attributes of a brand's best-performing customers and enable them to predict behaviors such as responsiveness to offers, highest spending, or most profitable customers. Speedeon Data designs models to develop an appropriate data model that fits a client's unique needs and assist them in identifying the underlying demographic attributes that drive performance, predict high-performing groups, increase top-line response rates and reduce costs. This leads in-turn, helps companies to precisely segment and fine-tune marketing messages, which engage customers in the market for their products and services.

By developing custom communication deployment strategies that include cross-channel audience creation, digital on boarding, life stage trigger marketing, and turnkey direct mail solutions, Speedeon Data’s facilitates an omni-channel engagement across various customer-touch points. The firm's strategies focus on driving successful customer engagement throughout the customer Life Cycle and improved return on marketing investment. This gives a more impactful targeting and retargeting strategies by helping clients optimize multi-channel campaigns and engage with consumers at the right time when they are most likely to purchase their products and services. Therefore, offering more personalized brand experiences and relevant marketing communications.

Recently, Speedeon Data in partnership with Affinity Solutions announced today the launch of an advanced marketing solution that enables brands to reach consumers weeks in advance of traditional mover marketing programs. Thus, helping brands capture revenue and share opportunities at the earliest point, with a competitive edge. "We are grateful for these relationships because they provide us with the opportunities to grow as a company, and they challenge us to continuously strive for quality and innovation," elucidates Daher.

Speedeon Data

Cleveland, OH

Gerard Daher, CEO

Speedeon Data enhances clients’ direct marketing programs by providing the highest quality customer contact data and innovative data solutions, including data optimization services, real-time data append services, new mover programs, and other data services. Speedeon Data combines a client-focused approach with proven expertise in data analytics, data processing, and direct marketing. Speedeon Data delivers the highest quality data through innovative solutions