Sphere 3D: Moving Applications from a Physical to a Virtual Environment

Eric Kelly, CEO
With the exponential growth of data, mobile devices and cloud platforms, organizations and individuals are in need of increased security, synchronization of and access to their data. “We are providing a containerized software platform called Glassware that can virtualize applications to make applications and data accessible on any device without losing any of the original functionality. People can now access information and manage data on-premise or in the cloud,” says Eric Kelly, CEO, Sphere3D.

Sphere 3D is a virtualization and data management solutions providerwith a portfolio of virtualization and network storage solutions that address IT needs for providing productivity through workspace and data infrastructure management. Dedicated to lead through innovation, Sphere 3D enables the integration of virtual applications, virtual desktops, data management and enterprise storage solutions. This allows organizations to access their applications and data into a combination of public, private,or hybrid cloud scenarios. The company in collaboration with Microsoft is leveragingits containerized technology with Microsoft Azure to simplify and accelerate customers’ transition to cloud-integrated solutions. Sphere 3D and Microsoft are showcasing, through a series of road shows titled “Technologies to Power the Next Cloud”, Sphere 3D’s Glassware 2.0 Windows container technology for application delivery and the latest in their on-premise and virtual storage technologies.

The company’s Glassware 2.0 is application virtualization software, based on a containerization technology, which allows users and organizations to deliver applications on many client operating systems including Android, iOS, Java, Chrome, Surface RT,and HTML5. Sphere 3D’s Glassware 2.0 platform delivers virtualization of some of the most demanding applications in the marketplace today, making it easy to move applications from a workstation to a virtual environment. Through their unique product portfolio, Sphere 3D has started to deliver these next generation platforms.

Sphere 3D has provided application and desktop virtualization solutions for K-12 education, healthcare and other verticals, to deliver Windows and custom applications in support of a variety of devices that can either work within an existing IT infrastructure or operate as a standalone implementation.
One of Glassware’s customers was a public school district that recognized that an increased access to technology would enhance the digital learning experience for students in their district. They moved forward to become one of the largest one-to-one Chromebook deployments in the K-12 segment with over 10,000 students with devices. Glassware 2.0 was able to virtualize the applications that made it possible for students to access Windows and specialized educational software on their Chromebooks.

Sphere 3D’s V3 hyper-converged infrastructure solutions include one of the industry’s first purpose-built appliances for virtual workspace workloads and its Desktop Cloud Orchestrator (DCO) management software for VDI. Their V3 virtual desktop solution, coupled with DCO, brings a new level of Optimized Desktop Allocation to the table, allowing virtual desktops to intelligently access additional resources. This allows customers to have cloud desktops that can be upgraded dynamically and quickly, and reinforces Sphere 3D’s leadership position in delivering virtual desktops in a distributed architecture.

Glassware 2.0 technology found its beginnings in 2009 and has culminated into one of the most sought after solution platforms

“Our hybrid cloud-based approach andability to deliver applications and data in a secure and reliable way is what makes Sphere 3D different from other solutions in the market. Sphere 3D is delivering application virtualization and virtual desktops with a global storage infrastructure, giving our customers the ability to deliver applications on multiple devices, anywhere around the world,” concludes Kelly.

Sphere 3D

San Jose, CA

Eric Kelly, CEO

Dedicated to continue to lead through innovation, Sphere 3D enables the integration of virtual applications, virtual desktops, and enterprise storage platforms, allowing organizations to deploy a combination of public, private or hybrid cloud strategies