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Rita Gurevich, President & CEO
Privacy assurance is mandatory for the success of today’s digital business models. It begins by treating every identity as a new security perimeter. However, recognizing that perimeter-based security approaches do not provide adequate protection against identity and credential-based threats enterprises look forward to incorporating advanced technologies to safeguard their crucial identity data. Business entities won’t be immune to account-compromise attacks that provide a perfect onset for data breaches. Zealous to alleviate the threats pertaining to the identity and access management (IAM) space a Hoboken-based Information Tech and Services company, Sphere technologies delivers innovative AI-powered solutions that deliver actionable intelligence.

“We are dedicated to make security achievable for our clients’ most sensitive identities and assets by simplifying reporting and automating remediation to immediately reduce their risk,” says Rita Gurevich, president and founder of Sphere Technologies Solutions. The company is an award-winning woman-owned cyber security business primarily focusing on improving security and enhancing compliance. Leveraging its subject matter expertise in data governance, IAM, and privileged access management, the firm spearheads in these niches by delivering comprehensive services to the enterprises. Instituted from the longstanding experience of Rita, Sphere continues to grow strategically by catering its unrivalled tech-stack.

Enterprises find it hard to implement a holistic IAM solution as the process includes deep understanding and analysis of about every distributed systems, applications as well as platforms, and how each manages entitlements. As an organization dedicated to revolutionize the IAM space, Sphere helps enterprises to successfully design and implement novel solutions. It also enables the business entities tailor the management solutions according to their requirements and helps them to fill gaps they may have with their existing deployments or solutions.

Sphere adopts a robust set a procedure to ensure that its services align well with the needs of its clients. It offers best-of-breed tools and processes to manage this process for a long term without hassles. Mapping identities to the resources that people need access to for their job function with the appropriate HR system feeds helps Sphere to deliver the best offerings to its clients.

We are dedicated to make security achievable for our clients’ most sensitive identities and assets by simplifying reporting and automating remediation to immediately reduce your risk

Certain that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t suit the dynamic customer base, the company design its solutions stack such that it can be easily modified.. It also automates the initial task of establishing ownership and knowing whom to ask questions about access controls. With the realization that security is a huge motivating factor for identity and access management programs, the firm ensures its core focus on Privileged Access Management segment.

Unlike its competitors, Sphere helps its clients to automate the all necessary business rules and regulations ensuring proper governance and appropriate access controls. Ensuring that the security policies are being followed, the company helps its clients to deploy a robust solution that is capable of integrating with their data loss prevention solution. Implementing the firm’s robust IAM solution, enterprises achieve the features like audit reporting to prove compliance. This includes audit trails for past access requests, the completed tasks when employees are terminated as well as other business-as-usual events. Sphere can help enterprises to deploy a centralized identity management solution that simplifies the provisioning and changes across entitlements when users need new or updated access. This will allow for automation, and improve the end user experience.

With such comprehensive service portfolio and the capability to help enterprises in the identity and access management space, Sphere gains appreciation from a wide range of industry verticals. “We are planning to add value to our service suite with the intention to widen our client base and to deliver uncompromising services to our existing clients,” concludes Rita.

SPHERE Technology Solutions

Hoboken, NJ

Rita Gurevich, President & CEO

The mission of SPHERE Technology Solutions is to create innovative AI-powered solutions that deliver actionable intelligence. They promise to make security achievable for the clients’ most sensitive identities and assets by simplifying reporting and automating remediation to reduce the risk instantly. SPHERE can help the organizations to design and implement an IAM solution or accelerate and fill the gaps that may have occurred with the existing IAM deployment. They prune access by engaging with the right owner to ensure that only the right person gets access