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Ratan Datta, President and CEO
DATA - this four-letter word is the forerunner of the digital economy we live in today.

We generate over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day in the form of emails, images, financial transaction information, audio files, web page cookies, business documents, and social media messages. However, most of this data is unstructured and is lying dormant as ‘gold mines’ of unexplored potential. Against this backdrop, SPi Global, a multi-award-winning market leader in technology-driven solutions, is focusing its capabilities to unlock the hidden value in these largely untapped data sources.

“Today, many large businesses continue to lean onlegacy systems for their data needs, unlike the digital native players in the market who are further down the road in their digital transformation journey and deploy leading-edge technologies,” says Ratan Datta, President and CEO of SPi Global. This is because larger enterprises have typically found it difficult to manage costs and disruptions of changing to a grounds up upgrade of their data factories. To bridge this gap and keep pace with digital transformation trends in their respective sectors, businesses need access to enhanced data processing capabilities that derive value from both structured and unstructured data. SPi Global is helping its clients stay ahead in this digital transformation race by providing highly customizable AI-driven frameworks. SPi Global powers up an organizations unstructured content repositories by allowing them to derive invaluable insights leading to stronger and more engaging relationships with their end-consumers.

Today, SPi Global’s advanced suite of cutting-edge data management solutions, their deep understanding of data structures and data consumption use-cases have established them as a leader in the unstructured data processing space. “We are helping our clients bring new levels of acceleration in their crucial data operations through a framework of highly intuitive and automated technologies for extraction, enrichment, and analysis of unstructured data,” says Datta. SPi Global is introducing a new level of ease and simplicity by using AI-driven automation solutions for processing unstructured data from a broad and diverse range of subject areas, including financial research, insurance, deep science, drug discovery, retail logistics, legal case content, entertainment, and publishing.

Perfecting the Art of Extracting Value from Unstructured Data

Very few solution providers have solved the challenges in exploiting unstructured information through a well-orchestrated suite of solutions. SPi Global is one of the most prominent names among them. With SPi Global’s robust solutions, combined with its specialized workforce, enterprises can easily manage all their data, structured or otherwise, in the shortest period with minimum manual effort.

To make this happen, SPi Global follows the Extract, Enrich, and Deliver model. First, the raw data (either a document, image, or publicly available data, irrespective of the type of media or source) is extracted, applying a standard set of configurable connectors.

We are facilitating the automation and acceleration of crucial data operations, such as extraction, enrichment, and analysis of unstructured data, which have predominantly been manual until now

Next the data is automatically transformed and enriched based on the subject-specific taxonomies and consumption needs using robust AI-driven platforms. Finally, the content is curated by specialists through human-AI paired process for a variety of final outcomes. “Our automation processes have appropriate hand-offs to highly skilled knowledge professionals who enhance the value of the content products,” says Datta.

Elaborating on their client onboarding processes, here calls one of many examples of how SPi Global helped organizations transform their data operations. This particular client, a commercial data and insights company, developed and maintained thousands of company and industry reports as part of their solution offerings in sales and marketing. The reports were the core products of their subscription model and were generated with data from various unstructured sources of information such as annual reports, regulatory filings, news wires, etc. The current state processes were largely manual and, as a result, had cost, scalability, and speed issues. SPi Global leveraged its AI-powered cloud-based “SPARK” platform to automate the processes of acquiring unstructured information from public sources in a variety of formats like PDFs, news articles, etc. NLP and Machine Learning technologies were used to extract concepts and entities. And finally the process allowed subject experts to review and authenticate the reports. The end-to-end deployment helped the client save more than 30% in costs. It improved the turnaround time by more than 50%, paving the way for enhanced end-customer satisfaction and increased subscriptions. In addition to making the process faster, better, and cheaper, SPi Global helped the client bring new features to their reports.

This is just one of the many success stories across various industry verticals that have helped SPi Global position themselves as a one-stop-shop for data enrichment needs. With a workforce of over 16,000 people, the company is partnering with clients all over the world. The company is powered by approximately 500 software engineers who ensure that SPi Global remains a leader in content innovation. “Our strength lies in our extensive experience with unstructured data in specific industries and in leveraging technologies that are designed keeping a deep understanding of the content types in mind. In the end, our solutions are designed to solve specific pain points in the customers’ digital transformation journey,” concludes Datta.

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Parañaque City, the Philippines

Ratan Datta, President and CEO

SPi Global is a multi-award-winning market leader in technology-driven solutions. Focusing its capabilities to unlock the value hidden in largely untapped data sources, the company is a one-stop-shop for all data enrichment needs. Through its customized alternative data creation techniques, SPi Global provides its clients with simple, scalable, and smart data processing capabilities to compete with out of the box data providers. Driven by its robust AI-based platforms, the company deals with unstructured data in a broad range of subject areas, including financial research, insurance, deep science, drug discovery, retail logistics, legal case content, entertainment, and publishing

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