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Mike Ellis, President, Tom Miller, Executive VP and Brian Tol, VP of Engineering
Today, computing logic is shifting down from the cloud to the embedded side as intelligent devices on the edge can swiftly process voluminous data on-site. The integration of edge computing nodes can minimize response time and conserve network resources. However, edge computing is growing in complexity and without the right data processing capability, an IoT project can fail. As an IoT-based company with over two decades of experience developing and supporting software applications, SpinDance offers its end-to-end approach to IoT combining best-of-breed technologies with custom software for faster time-to-market, lower cost of ownership, more secure products, and happier customers. The company innovatively builds the complex distributed systems behind today’s smart products, playing the role of a trusted advisor to clients on their IoT journey from idea to launch.” An IoT product is two things, the physical device, and the digital service. The value is in the blending of these two and their seamless experience,” says Tom Miller, Executive VP at SpinDance. The company’s end-to-end approach efficiently amplifies this value, facilitating the clients’ aim to transform and advance while carefully managing risk. SpinDance is a full-stack service company focused on synergizing the three core components of IoT—the embedded device, the cloud, and user’s interaction (mobile, web, voice), creating a network of interrelated things behaving like a single unit.

Having developed hundreds of successful IoT projects, SpinDance has arrived at a proven process including these steps - assess, map, design, develop, and support. Assess produces a view of where clients are and concludes a company’s IoT readiness at both the business and technical levels. Map outlines what to do, delivering an explicit plan for addressing both business and technical gaps; it can include training, innovation workshops, business transformation consulting, and more; Design is how to do it and produces full system architecture, technical requirements, and more; Develop is doing it; leveraging the synergy and managing the complexities around embedded, cloud, mobile/web/voice development in a secure, continuous integration and delivery way; and Support is extending the value and continuously improving with cloud management, analytics monitoring, maintenance, life cycle management, and more.
“Collaboration with service and technology partners empowers us to help clients arrive at goals and objectives,” states Mike Ellis, the president of SpinDance and adds, “we think of our customers as partners.” SpinDance has partnerships in industrial design, electrical engineering, specialized RF, and more. The company’s clientele ranges from Fortune100 companies to start-ups in the industries of Consumer Goods/Smart Home, Industrial, Services, Transportation, Medical/Healthcare, and more. SpinDance’s 24/7/365 support fosters client performance and uptime.

Whirlpool Corporation has profitably utilized SpinDance’s offerings for nearly a decade. The appliance manufacturing conglomerate required a partner that comprehensively understood IoT and could help architect a secure, scalable solution. “SpinDance’s end-to-end approach to IoT has augmented Whirlpool’s IoT growth, product connectivity, integration with third-party services, management of their cloud infrastructure, and Whirlpool’s market share and reliability,” shares Brian Tol, the VP of Engineering at SpinDance. “Our company has been a great partner in innovation, support, and development for Whirlpool. What is unique in SpinDance is the great knowledge of new technologies related to IoT and the capability to apply that in the real-world environment. Also, the sense of speed and urgency, and continuous focus on consumer needs are a differential,” commented Joao Mendes, Global Information Systems Director - Internet of Things, at Whirlpool.

SpinDance steers ahead by observing the target audiences’ challenges and market opportunities to enhance their service offerings. Currently, the company is steering innovations through technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, and more. As the IoT landscape grows larger and more complex, SpinDance evolves accordingly, offering a growing number of services to simplify distributed computing and manage risks for clients behind their values of—be a friend, mentor and learn, seek and communicate truth, make good decisions, and deliver every day.


Holland, MI

Mike Ellis, President, Tom Miller, Executive VP and Brian Tol, VP of Engineering

Software Engineers designing, developing and support complex distributed systems behind today’s smart products and simplifying the incorporation of IoT