Spindrift: Making Enterprise Class Digital Experience Simple using Oracle Digital Assets

Michael Fasosin, Co-Founder
Having worked in retail for many years, and carrying immense experience in consulting, Michael Fasosin, co-Founder of Spindrift is an industry veteran. Through Spindrift, Fasosin helps enterprises to maintain stability by leveraging their partnership with Oracle. “At Spindrift, we offer the role of an enabler,” begins Fasosin. He believes that most enterprises lack maturity when it comes to buying the right technology from technology leaders. Enterprises tend to buy point capabilities rather than look at the end to end digital business platform to sustain them beyond a three-year cycle.

Since its inception, London based Spindrift, a full service digital agency, deploys Oracle products for customers from a sustainable digital platform perspective and thus, helping them opt for the right technology. “Customers have started to realize they do not need point solutions anymore, but actually digital business platforms that extend beyond just data-driven marketing to data-driven commerce,” says Fasosin. As a B2B and B2C specialist, Spindrift provides full-service solutions that bring all aspects of business consulting, customer experience, strategy, and technology together with IP assets that enable Rapid delivery of experience innovation and Data-informed UI/UX Experimentation.

Eliminating the perceived complexities in the Oracle commerce platform largely driven and imagined by point solution system integrators, the company offers a wide array of products and services, from commerce, search, content in a simplified set of bundles known as Spindrift Momentum Cloud, the product can deploy the Oracle Commerce solution in as little as six weeks into a public or private cloud. The solution covers the most common functionality of the typical digital commerce sites for both B2B and B2C and enables advanced features as well, such as responsive design and mobile apps as needed. All the more, product details and listing, internationalization, payment, promotions, delivery options and instantaneous connectivity are simplified through this platform. On the content front, the platform also creates user generated content, shoppable content, personalized banners, augmented fitting rooms which can be utilized to engage the customer.

At Spindrift, we offer the role of an enabler to help the CMO exploit the assets delivered by the CIO

In addition, Spindrift also provides another product, the Spindrift Hypermedia API, which gives third party developers and digital agencies unified access to all Oracle Commerce platform capabilities. This can be deployed on any existing installation of Oracle Commerce from version 10.x and up. This platform, promotes transactional experiences independent of digital commerce websites. Connecting with the latest technology, Hypermedia generates price alerts, wearable notifications, Internet of Things, augmented reality, mobile apps for a riveting user interface. Furthermore, a multi-site, website builder known as Spindrift Site Builder is offered by Spindrift which is designed to complement Oracle Commerce. This platform enables business users to quickly produce and deploy new web content, in web sites.

Many customers have gained indelible value after adopting Spindrift’s solutions. To cite an example, El Corte Inglés (ECI), one of the biggest department store groups had been using Oracle Commerce for over ten years, which resulted in a complex mix of installations and versions. The client’s network of sites did not share a consistent architecture, user experience, design or development that complicates the commerce operations. Spindrift migrated ECI to a single Digital Commerce stack based on Spindrift Momentum after ECI approached them. The project involved upgrading more than 15 sites to Oracle Commerce, as well as deploying Spindrift’s suite of digital commerce solutions— Momentum and Site Builder. The company also re-architected all integration and data models, and introduced advanced caching.

Essentially, the journey of Spindrift does not end here. From data management platforms, campaign management to customer experience design, the company looks ahead to excel in the digital experience platform.


London, UK

Michael Fasosin, Co-Founder and Keith Hurley, Co-Founder

A full-service digital agency based in Europe and North America delivering best in class digital commerce across multiple industry verticals leveraging Oracle's digital business capabilities and Spindrift's own IP