SplashData: A New Approach to Business Password Management

In today’s internet intensive industries, passwords have become a ubiquitous and therefore irresistible target for cyber criminals. For example, last year’s Bitcoin security breach resulted in the compromise of nearly five million Gmail user accounts and passwords. As a result, companies have become more vigilant about online security. In this environment, California-based SplashData has emerged as a vital player in the security applications and services arena. “We serve over one million customers with our cross-platform password manager, SplashID,” says Morgan Slain, CEO, SplashData. With extensive expertise over the past 15 years in password administration and security, SplashData has now created a new product called TeamsID to help businesses use, share and protect passwords, credit card numbers, registration codes, and other sensitive records more effectively. “TeamsID is a fresh approach to password management designed for the way today’s growing businesses operate,” says Slain. The TeamsID solution integrates with Google Apps for Work and delivers productivity and security benefits for employees as well as IT administrators.

Greater dependence on smartphone and tablets in conjunction with multiple business locations and a growing percentage of employees working remotely has come to pose a challenge for CIOs. This is further compounded, Slain adds, “by the security issues surrounding the ways employees keep and share records, especially temporary employees who leave an organization still knowing passwords and other confidential information.” TeamsID therefore is based on mobility, flexibility, and ease of granting and revoking permissions.

TeamsID is a fresh approach to password management and security designed for the way today’s growing businesses operate

Morgan Slain, CEO
TeamsID addresses its IT clients’ demands for managing and communicating passwords, server settings, device IDs, and other sensitive data. The solution was introduced to meet the shortcomings of existing enterprise password management and single sign on solutions, which tend to not cover all the different needs of organizations.“TeamsID is an easy, flexible way to secure and sharing passwords and any other kind of record inside workgroups,” says Slain. “TeamsID simplifies and streamlines everything from an IT admin perspective, allowing the admin to ensure that the right people have access to the right logins and other records they need to get work done.”

In a crowded field of single sign on and enterprise password management applications, TeamsID offers a number of differentiating features. It can be set up in minutes. It offers deployment flexibility: in the cloud (with or without Google Apps for Work integration), or self hosted on premises. Apps are available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and the web. Chrome and other browser extensions are available. Service is fast and personal. TeamsID is free to try for 30 days with no restrictions on features or deployment size. After the free trial, total cost for implementation is as low as $3 per user per month.

The company’s flexible solutions deliver service to a wide array of clients in a variety of industries. “We do most of our business in the SMB market, especially with financial services, higher education, health care, and technology consulting, but we also have large enterprise clients like Adobe that have deployed our apps to employees worldwide as well as government clients like the U.S. Department of Energy,” says Slain.


Los Gatos, CA

Morgan Slain, CEO

SplashData's TeamsID is a new business password manager that integrates with Google Apps for Work and lets customers choose whether to host in the cloud or on premises