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Andy Coan, CEO
IT organizations for companies of varying sizes are realizing that there is a significant resource cost to managing the high volume of day to day employee IT incidents. To address this, a company or IT group needs to hire, train, schedule and manage technicians to resolve the high volumes of daily issues. The same holds true for managing outages or performance issues related to network carrier services. For companies with multiple locations, this is a very time intensive activity that can distract critical IT resources from other crucial priorities. Enter Splice, a company that delivers IT and Network services to organizations around the world— who are committed to helping their clients resolve any of the aforementioned issues quickly and efficiently. “Our unique proposition eases the pain points of IT organizations, regardless of the number of locations or specific infrastructure requirements. We are not limited regionally like many other managed service providers, so even clients with offices globally can take advantage of our services,” says Andy Coan, CEO of Splice.

By leveraging Splice’s infrastructure, processes and staffing, clients can augment the size and scope of their IT organization effectively. With two US-based service facilities consisting of 250 technicians, Splice can immediately respond to any client’s employee-based IT issues remotely. The company also provides onsite support and can dispatch qualified technicians to complete projects or services as required by enterprises. Some of the typical projects Splice handles include office/location workstation setups, cabling, server/network set up and onsite configuration. Splice can also manage end-to-end processes from order of service to completion, which translates to huge time, effort, and resource cost savings.

The company can also monitor all network and server infrastructures, including virtual machines and hosted servers to identify, escalate or attend to any performance related issues.
To further ensure that reported issues are investigated, the company provides 24 x 7 x 365 escalation and resolution support for customers’ voice and data services.

To exemplify their expertise, Coan shares an instance of a venture-backed healthcare startup that was in the process of rolling out new facilities across the western U.S. They were seeking a partner who could manage the setup and build out of each new location as well as monitor the entire infrastructure. Additionally, they wanted help desk support for all their employees at each location. Splice brought the client on board by first providing an assessment that was based on the specific IT and business requirements of each site, and then created a detailed plan for all the equipment and installation. Splice managed all the ordering, delivery and implementation. “We delivered an IT solution that both scales with their growth and is significantly less costly than managing this ‘in-house’ with a higher level of satisfaction and resolution,” says Coan. This is one of many instances where the company delivered a tailor-fit solution in accordance to their client’s requirements.

Founded in 2002, Splice built the business providing data telecommunications services from over 150 carrier partners. In 2010, based on the demands of their clients, the company developed service offerings that focused on IT and Telecommunications Management and Support services. And now, with a growing demand for their Managed and Professional services, the company understands the responsibility they have, and must continue delivering exceptional solutions in the future. Splice is currently expanding their IT account management operations in Northern California, Utah and on the East Coast. Their professional services also include Remote IT Project Management and will include Managed Hosting services in 2019.

Splice Communications

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Andy Coan, CEO

Splice Communications is a communications and marketing agency that specialises in working with SME's to engage with their customers and clients, and enhance and maximise their digital presence. The company ensures they are the 'Marketing Manager'​ for your small business, ensuring that you make that essential mark in the online space to connect with your customers and biggest advocates. They manage everything from your new website, to your blogs, social media streams and engagement. Along with their expertise in your digital footprint, they offer services in strategic communications, event and function management, brand development and public relations