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CIO VendorTara Kelly, President and CEO
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, an American poet from the 19th Century once said, “The human voice is the organ of the soul.” True to this there are many instances in our everyday lives where the human voice makes a lot of difference. One such instance was when Tara Kelly, CEO of SPLICE Software was contacted by her bank for an account update. The impersonal and contextuallyincorrect interaction she had with the automated voice spurred her desire to improve the system.

Like Tara, many insurance policy holders also feel this need for seamless communication and personalized contact, irrespective of medium. Attempting to fill this void, SPLICE delivers platforms for voice-based customer services from specific calls to action (such as claim activities) to other more generic account reminders. “Our clients include large insurance companies who care about their brands and want to make a lasting connection with customers,” says Tara. “SPLICE helps insurance companies connect with their clients and classify them based on levels of loyalty and satisfaction.”

When insurance companies need to relay vital information to clients—like late premium reminders—SPLICE uses realtime data on clients to deliver interactive, contextually accurate messages to streamline the experience. The system is designed with the idea that everything is a subset of logic and emotion and measures are taken to ensure the customer has a cohesive experience (like using natural voice characteristics, avoiding slow and monotonous speech patterns).

In one instance, a client of SPLICE in the Insurance sector faced a challenge with respect to their automotive insurance customers. The insurance company preferred their clients to go to specific auto-body shops for repairs as the company had a fixed rate and price control with these vendors. Stepping into the scenario, SPLICE was able to deliver a program that suggested these preferred vendors to the end-users within an easy, streamlined message—allowing the customer to transfer to the preferred vendors instantly to book. This made the decision process for the customers mush easier; and as an added benefit, the insurance company gained early insights into the repair estimate that helped manage finances and reduced fraud.
The company also provides Net-Promoter Surveys to help insurance companies identify how loyal their customers are, and what changes can be made to improve customer loyalty. SPLICE’s solutions are built with the use of open-source tools and the company gives back to the open-source community through many of its ventures. “Open-source is a fundamental covenant to move forward and helps organizations be more fluid and agile in their methodology,” says Tara.

Cloud is another facet of technology SPLICE has embraced and they have created a cloud based service that crowd sources voice talents from around the world. In addition, the company also works with a talent agency in New York to augment their repertoire of dialects, voices, and languages. But having a large ‘splice-able’ audio library is not enough to deliver commendable service to insurance companies. “Our system is built to be dynamic to deal with information that changes real-time for creating a personalized experience for end-users,” says Tara. “The system can also be upgraded with no downtime, which keeps us ahead in the competitive market,” she adds. The key advantage that SPLICE gives insurance companies is that apart from collecting, and using, the “big data” of its clients, SPLICE also converts that information to be used in learning systems; improving end-user interactions.

Our system is built to be dynamic to deal with information that changes realtime for creating a personalized experience for end-users

For the future, SPLICE is targeting more streamlined integration with other third-party systems. The company feels that voice is not limited to call centers, and will need to be applied throughout the entire customer experience to create a continual emotional connection with customers. “We continually increase the diversity of our crowd sourced language to ensure that customers can have the best voice-based interaction possible,” concludes Tara.

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Tara Kelly, President and CEO

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