Spokeadot: A Cloud-Based Appointment Scheduling Solution

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Greg Probst, CEO
The appointment process for various businesses and organizations is often a burdensome task that demands a significant amount of time and engages staff resources to ensure the flow of the entire process. There is a possibility of having a negative impact on the overall operations of an organization that obstructs it from delivering at its fullest potential. With the introduction of appointment scheduling solutions, it has emerged to be the most effective and efficient means to manage appointments, reservations, and contact information of each individual. The solution providers have made life easier for the organizations, it provides advanced functionality to streamline the process, has high accessibility, allows organizations to stay connected with the clients, customers, students and patients, and is time and cost-efficient. Choosing the right scheduling provider is very important. Spokeadot cloud-based telephony call messaging service helps businesses and organizations regardless of size to create cost-effective one-of-a-kind applications to communicate with their members and customers.

Spokeadot offers various services to its customers like appointment reminder, phone text SMS E-mail, message broadcast and event cancellation, and multi-access. The appointment reminder service of the company ensures to remind the customers of deliveries, service calls or professional services appointment via voicemail and answering machine detection. With the means of old telephone, SMS messaging and e-mail, the spokeadot team reach out to their customers. The company also customizes the iPhone and mobile based application for organizations.

Coordinating an event can turn up to be very challenging, without knowing the size of the group Spokeadot’s dynamic calling platform allows the customers to formulate the messages according to their needs. The company’s calling platform helps the customers to send the information on multiple events without the customer to get involved in it. The customer can concentrate on the event, and all the information required conveying like rescheduling and cancelling is notified to everyone.
With the company’s multi-access platform, there are numerous ways to interact with the customers like company website, sftp/batch upload, iPhone, e-mail, REST or SOAP web services, spreadsheets and text. The company tailor makes the application to each customer’s requirements, and their low operating costs lets them provide essential communication services to organizations.

Built with redundancy, reliability and security from the very foundation, Spokeadot offers a robust support system for the organizations in the time of need. The company considers the ideas of the customers by establishing interaction and providing the best solution that reflects the spirit of the client company. Starting from professional voice recordings and customized phone calls to system integration help Spokeadot one of the best automated call solutions. The genesis of the development of the company is with an amalgamation of design and solid development practices.

Built with redundancy, reliability and security from the very foundation, Spokeadot offers a robust support system for the organizations in the time of need

The Spokeadot team is backed by more than 25 years of experience in software development, mission-critical system, and systems integration. The company has worked with big names in the industry like telecommunications RCA, Amazon, Nortel, Lucent, Siemens, Telegroup, Rolm and Primus. Spokeadot’s and its cloud-based service utilizes the modern and scalable computing which allows the company to tag along with the operating pocket friendly for the customers and simultaneously maintaining and improving reliability and redundancy of services over vendors and geographic locations.


Abilene, TX

Greg Probst, CEO

It’s a cloud-based telephony call messaging service framework that allows businesses and organizations of all sizes to cost effectively create customized applications to communicate with their customers and members