SportsLabs: Responsive Platform for Knitting Sports and Technology

John Burris, President
Sports industry is gradually discovering innovative ways to blend itself into the contemporary world requirements. Everything from score keeping, team management, team statistics to live game updates, sports analytics, coaching judging, and spectator experience, are now required to be interlaced with technology. Although technology implementations potentially boost fan experience, the addition of sports related functionalities can often be costly and difficult to install, operate, and maintain. Stepping up to these challenges, z, a sports technology and media company, goes a long way in developing an open-source, progressive platform, which is the foundation for the future of digital sports and media. zvvs strives to partner with true game changers in the market which takes fan engagement and sports media to new heights. At the core of the SportsLabs’ technology is the Advanced Media Platform (AMP) which streams audio and video content. AMP ingests content from across the sports and media landscapes, normalizes it, and then presents it to fans on any digital device and platform in the market. “The responsive web platforms for desktop, mobile, tablets provide mass audiences immediate access to the scores, news, video, and team information that they crave,” says John Burris, President, SportsLabs.

Through both smart product design and systems, we automate and enable partners to send custom messages to fans

Further, AMP acquires all types of live or on-demand feeds and associates them with the inter-collegiate sports events and corresponding data such as scores, statistics to present fans a full and seamless experience. The collection of multi-platform digital products is designed as part of a comprehensive partnership between the company and inter-collegiate athletics programs.
The platform integrates messaging for digital applications, web sites, social experiences and more. “AMP is handling massive usage, managing over 15,000 live video/ audio events, while ingesting over 950 unique content feeds through more than 200 active market products,” exclaims Burris. “Through both smart product design and systems, we automate and enable partners to send custom messages to fans,” says Burris. The primary focus of the digital platforms is to serve as a major tool in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes. “Visitors to the site and mobile applications see larger and better quality images, HD videos and streamlined presentations of text and information,” says Burris. Fans have 24-hour access to the inter-collegiate sports events across a full list of browsers and devices. Sports enthusiasts also have access to custom-built social content management systems which enables real-time curating and moderation by their dedicated team or directly from rights-holders themselves.

In the same line, SportsLabs team has deep mobile experience and has developed several top-five and top-ten ranked sports applications in the iTunes and Google Play marketplaces which are its core differentiating factors. The comprehending features have rewarded the company many customer loyalty and laurels.

Citing a typical case study of The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and Raycom Sports, an independent sports sales and marketing firm who were in need of a fully responsive website to highlight live events, required a comprehensive game-center to aggregate the event content all at one place. “In association with SportsLabs, apart from meeting their requirements, today continues to be one of the most innovative conference websites in the nation,” says Burris.

SportsLabs is continuing to evolve in the sports technology landscape in more ways than one and is constantly looking for the next technology that is going to give that slight advantage over competition. SportsLabs rules the roost. “We strive to work hard to improve our platform and consistently provide the best products and service to our clients,” concludes Burris


Boulder, CO

John Burris, President

Provides content to be ingested, managed and then delivered by the Advanced Media Platform to the intercollegiate sports enthusiasts.