SpringCM: Unparallel Content Storage for Critical Decision-making

Greg Buchholz, Founder & CEO
Gone are the days when organizations struggled with traditional data storage and retrieval methods. The yester-year’s document storage facility, which was done on paper, was highly dependent on the intensive categorization and classifications for data retrieval that hindered the efficiency of the company. Finding necessary file or setting up new categories required expert developer assistance and maintenance, which increased the operation costs. In such a situation, SpringCM—a Chicago based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) organization leverages the latest trends of Big Data and cloud to provide cloud-enabled contract and document management solutions for businesses. “Most of the cloud companies today are data-driven cloud technologies and not unstructured document technology. Very few have integrated workflow automations related to contracts, compliance, HR records, applications, and documentation for on boarding channel partners,” begins Greg Buchholz, Founder and CEO, SpringCM.

The firm’s cloud-based platform, SpringCM enables clients to manage documents and contracts along with other related collaterals. With the help of SpringCM’s central repository, data managers can organize and synchronize documents by adding files to the folder tree of the organization and customizing it to fit the business environment. The Metatags and attributes allow clients to group documents according to the content along with the flexible folder-nesting feature that enables them to have control over fluid hierarchies. Data managers can upload file directly from the browser and email documents into a SpringCM folder using secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for large batches of documents. By utilizing the secure link generator, clients can collaborate with other vendors and their customers without the need for a license. Clients can also avoid messy email attachments and set permissions and expirations for viewing and downloading documents. “With our platform, one can improve productivity, increase visibility, and reduce risk around their organization’s contracts,” says Buchholz.

The Platform also provides version control feature which automatically saves new version of documents for clients to access the entire history and reply back to any previously stored edition.

With our platform, one can improve productivity, increase visibility, and reduce risk around their organization’s contracts

For the majority of Salesforce customers, the firm has seamlessly integrated SpringCM platform with Salesforce capabilities which can be accessed by both Salesforce users and non-users alike. This enables the sales team of the client to collaborate with marketing and other non-sales roles and deliver different kinds of supporting documents. Apart from Salesforce Notes and attachments capabilities, the firm also provides a central database that allows document storage, workflow and organization capabilities to clients.

SpringCM’s document management platform was utilized by a leading healthcare analytics provider, Decision Resources Group (DRG) to streamline their contract search process and to enable them view their entire audit history with the help of a single repository database. As DRG had acquired 10 other companies, they needed to integrate their current tools with Salesforce and DocuSign to provide complete solution to their clients. Initially the firm was using Microsoft Dynamics which had drastically reduced visibility of critical data, driving down sales efficiency. Along with a time-consuming quoting process, the Dynamics platform required IT support even for simple reports that took three week for completion. SpringCM’s integrated platform enabled the client to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and automate their selling process by filling in the gaps in their quote-to-chain.

The firm combines best practices along with project requirements of the clients to serve tailored document management solutions. In the coming years, the company plans to focus on providing document management solutions to cutting-edge technology companies, helping them to resolve crucial business issues. “Whether it is a company of 100 people solving their contract process, or a Fortune 50 company, we’re scalable and could work with anyone,” concludes Buchholz.


Chicago, IL

Greg Buchholz, Founder & CEO

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