Sprinklr: Revolutionizing the Social Customer Experience

Jeremy Epstein, VP Marketing
In today’s conversation economy, the very relevancy of any brand depends on its ability to manage the customer experience e ffectively, while monitoring their ever-changing expectations. Founded by a visionary Ragy Thomas, with a belief that brand leaders who intend to thrive on relevancy must go beyond just ‘doing social’ to being social, Sprinklr is the industry’s only native social relationship infrastructure that is designed to power the conversation economy through brands that build real, human relationships with people.

Sprinklr enables large enterprises to drive their business goals by creating real, human relationships through social networks

Sprinklr is a truly integrated social relationship infrastructure that accelerates the social maturity of a brand. “Sprinklr enables large enterprises to drive their business goals by creating real,human relationships through social networks,” says Jeremy Epstein, VP of Marketing,Sprinklr. The company designs and builds a set of social software modules around the core Architecture; and by applying the right mix, configuration and nuance, they implement what conversation, community, content, Campaigns, and collaboration should look like for an organization’s business lines. Their comprehensive range of modules Includes, Social Asset Management, Publishing, Reporting, Governance, Automation, Mobility and more. Sprinklr also offers Certain premium modules such as Social Enterprise Integration—that provides a complete view of one’s prospects, breaks down Data silos and maximizes IT investment; Social Apps—that enables users to seamlessly build social applications; and Social listening Insights—that enables users to track market scenarios and instantly act on social intelligence.

Most recently, the company launched a tool for automated social media buying, the first of its kind to hit the market.
This tool will enable marketers to automatically determine which of their organic social media is gaining steam and then amplify it by turning it into a targeted ad. The real-time paid social content promotion capability removes challenges faced by marketers to execute campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. They can pre-set criteria such as engagement rate, retweets, favorites, or replies, and once those thresholds are achieved, additional paid media budget can be deployed immediately and automatically.

Sprinklr’s strategy and analytics team unlocks business value and enhances the social customer experiences. Their strategic service offering revolves around: Social Maturity Acceleration, Governance, Integration and Engagement. They help mature a brand from functional and optimized social media teams, to fully integrated and transformed global organizations. “Because what we do is unique, we have no competition,” states Epstein.

Castrol USA wanted to leverage its position as an official sponsor of this year’s Super Bowl XLVIII. Castrol and its partner agencies including Sprinklr developed a 10-day campaign to drive awareness and engagement for their Castrol EDGE brand. Besides the Fox 5 partnership, Castrol EDGE Super Bowl Ticket Blitz was promoted via social channels. They also added a Realtime touchpoint to the experience with Castrol EDGE brand ambassadors engaging fans directly at each day’s locations. while this was taking place, Castrol’s social team used Sprinklr to monitor, listen and respond to social conversations in real time from a digital Command Center. At the end of the day, Castrol’s first socially driven campaign far exceeded the expectation and succeeded in managing audience’s experience effectively. Sprinklr’s Listening module also revealed that the campaign attracted a significant number of women. This spurred Castrol to adjust its future marketing efforts accordingly to deliver positive experiences for every customer.

Sprinklr’s acceptance into Twitter’s Marketing Platform Partner Program is a huge validation of their approach to paid, owned and earned media, as well as their new paid module. Ragy Thomas, Sprinklr’s CEO, sees their real-time paid social content promotion capability and a deepening partnership with Twitter as the next steps in providing brands with the insights they need to drive meaningful business objectives.


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Jeremy Epstein, VP Marketing

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