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Gary Ritkes, Managing Partner, President, Anjan Upadhya, Managing Partner, Technology
The impact of channel partners on sales volume and brand reputation cannot be trivialized. But do channel partners make good marketers? “Channel partners engage more closely with customers, and their endorsement of a particular brand has direct impact on sales. But more often than not, they fail to execute successful marketing campaigns,” remarks Gary Ritkes, Managing Partner and President of SproutLoud Media Networks. Filling this void, SproutLoud provides solutions that help brands manage and execute email marketing, direct mail, social media, local search and pay-per-click marketing programs with local businesses that sell the brand’s products and services.

A looming challenge facing several CIOs is the legacy, outdated, or single point marketing solutions that fail to integrate with a company’s system. SproutLoud offers a myriad of automation solutions, one among them being the Automated Marketing Program (AMP), which is used to build programs for email, direct mail, and social media. “It is a set-it-and-forget-it approach where a campaign set up by a small business is ultimately controlled by the brand,” states Anjan Upadhya, Managing Partner of Technology at SproutLoud. Another essential feature of SproutLoud’s platform is the analytics tool, which delivers reports on campaign performance data. It allows brands to track the effectiveness of multi-touchpoint campaigns through call tracking, email and Google Analytics –all in one reporting center that provides the brand with business intelligence they can act upon.

Co-op funds management is also a major issue facing brands today. Billions of dollars of co-op money go unused every year because partners hassle with outdated and painful reimbursement processes. SproutLoud’s platform makes it easier for the small businesses to have real-time access to co-op dollars through their innovative Co-pay solution. The platform essentially acts as a bank of funds available to use in real time at order placement or campaign enrollment and can be automatically tracked, assigned, and reconciled.

The company’s system is based on modular architecture, enabling them to constantly update the technology solution to fit marketing trends.

The SproutLoud platform easily adapts to clients’ existing marketing technology system, achieved through accommodating a wide array of custom API integrations

SproutLoud’s platform also incorporates innovative marketing services that can be plugged in at either the front or back end. The SproutLoud platform easily adapts to clients’ existing marketing technology systems through the accommodation of a wide array of Application Program Interface (API) integrations. “With high overhead costs associated with disparate systems, our aim is to provide a single customizable solution comprising of all marketing tactics,” informs Ritkes.

SproutLoud has around 80 brands on their platform that service over 45,000 small businesses. One major brand is McKesson Corporation, a pharmaceutical company that had an outdated legacy system with limited technology offerings for their 3,400 small business pharmacies. This resulted in high costs and lengthy timelines for their marketing. With SproutLoud’s marketing platform, McKesson was able to consolidate several legacy systems and eliminate non-automated processes, thereby expediting their speed to market and reducing their overall technology costs.

SproutLoud strives to be expert leaders in offering a flexible, distributed marketing platform with a current focus on improving their API sets. The company also aims to track billions of dollars in co-op funds that are used in the marketplace at the local level. “We continue to enhance and build our technology to help local brands be more proactive in their marketing approach,” informs Upadhya. From a strategic standpoint, the company plans on improving visibility into the data that clients bring into SproutLoud’s systems.

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Gary Ritkes, Managing Partner, President, Anjan Upadhya, Managing Partner, Technology

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