SpurIT: Boutique Applications for Shopify

Yauheni Tamashevich, CEO & Founder
One of the main e-commerce trends of 2018 is the expected growth of the mobile market. As more and more sales conversions happen through mobile devices, it does not come as a surprise that the mobile market predictions project an eight-fold increase by 2020. In the highly volatile e-commerce industry segment, e-commerce companies require new and unique solutions underpinned by innovative methodologies and flexible approaches to catapult their business success. SpurIT, a leading e-commerce development company brings forth a concise suite of cloud-based solutions that enable e-commerce companies to win big. SpurIT’s niche expertise is in the sphere of applications, custom solutions, and marketing services for Shopify entrepreneurs.

“Currently, our apps are used by over 50,000 online store owners and millions of their customers,” says Yauheni Tamashevich, CEO and founder of SpurIT. While the clients focus on developing their store, products, customer service, and supplier relationships, the team of SpurIT is focused on attracting customers to the website and converting visits into sales. “We take full responsibility for achieving our client’s marketing objectives,” adds Tamashevich. Recently, SpurIT developed the One Click Checkout app for Shopify to accelerate and simplify the online purchasing process. The app displays a pop-up window in the Shopify platform with ‘Continue shopping’, ‘Checkout’, and ‘Go to Cart’ options that significantly increase sales. The purchasing process will become more enjoyable for users, boosting their level of trust.

One of SpurIT’s most recent innovations is the creation of Crowdfunding Manager app, a SaaS-based easily installable model developed to implement crowdfunding functionality for a large number of Shopify-based stores simultaneously. The main idea behind developing the app was to provide clients with the ability to customize the visuals for each individual store, organize app usage statistics collection alongside a simplified installation process and an extendable and fail-safe system. SpurIT uses Amazon Web Services infrastructure to offer high-reliability for the system with the fastest possible response time as well as implement vertical and horizontal scaling during the peak traffic periods.

Currently, our apps are used by over 50,000 online store owners and millions of their customers

To increase performance efficiency and provide a quality product, SpurIT used the best practices of development processes automation and deployment code quality control, releases organization, along with testing and monitoring. This ultimately helped the customers that leverage the Shopify platform to employ crowdfunding elements in business management and raise funds for publicly unavailable products in development. The resulting benefit translated to increased sales and decreased risks while implementing innovative products. SpurIT adopts the Kanban methodology to automate app development and customer-oriented customization processes. “Kanban was created for the purpose of self-management, and it is used throughout all our project development and testing processes,” says Tamashevich. “For our company, Kanban is one of the most optimal and efficient solutions that automate and prioritize company processes to achieve the best results in the shortest time.” SpurIT also utilizes Agile technology for projects that require a more flexible and creative approach.

Moving ahead of the competition curve, SpurIT is planning to develop machine learning-based smart systems and solutions for working with Big Data in e-commerce. Furthermore, the new line of authentic solution that is being developed will help app developers retrieve the most comprehensive information about their customers. For 2018, the company envisions developing and deploying several apps for e-commerce automation with a definite emphasis on simplicity across all products. In addition to Shopify, SpurIT is also expanding its influence on platforms such as BigCommerce and Magento. Within the next 12 months, the SpurIT team will focus on expanding the outsourcing direction of the company in order to provide clients with an array of services from development to marketing, packaging, and full product support.


Palatine, IL

Yauheni Tamashevich, CEO & Founder

Provides e-commerce applications, custom solutions, and marketing services for Shopify entrepreneurs