Spyders: Managing Network Security at Organization’s Doorstep

Khaled Mansour, President & CEO
Organizations rely on high-performance networks to deliver mission-critical transactions and accessing remote databases from a multiple sources. The valuable information and data about the organization is saved on these networks making them vulnerable. Developing an effective security system for these networks protect organizations’ critical assets and gives them a competitive edge in the market place. Another reason for this is the trust factor that comes into play with secure networks. Juniper Networks has been at the forefront of offering network solutions to help service providers, enterprises and the public sector to achieve higher business value. Founded in 2005, Spyders has collaborated with Juniper to help organizations deliver business relevant IT security and networking expertise. “Our security service is developed by understanding client’s risk reduction, compliance objectives and operating model,” begins Khaled Mansour, President and CEO, Spyders.

Spyders provides information security, network consulting, network solution integration, managed network, and security compliance services. Spyders’ Managed Remote Access Service offers a flexible way to extend network resources to any remote user with access to the internet and a web browser. This service is powered by Juniper enabling secure access to enterprise applications and resources with no client software deployment. Spyders provides Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology, which can aggregate disparate syslog files, correlate data to identify and alert administrations in case of security breach in an organization’s network infrastructure. Spyders also provides engineering services for QRadar Security Intelligence Platform, which integrates SIEM to deliver superior threat detection by merging log source event data from several appliance's end points and applications dispersed over a network. “The company has leveraged Juniper Networks’ STRM to deploy solution design,create existence compliance reports, data processing issues diagnostics and tuning solutions,” illustrates Mansour. Spyders’ Vulnerability Management service delivers continuous protection against the latest worms and security threats by continuously scanning and addressing network vulnerabilities.
To help organizations gain an understanding of risk exposures, the company has developed Threat and Risk Assessment, which can detect the potential risks to information in context of attacks or loss of service. The established incident management workflow ensures that each vulnerability is evaluated, assigned a severity, and the appropriate remediation steps are taken to address each vulnerability.

Spyders has assisted Juniper in providing managed security services and coordinated threat management to the businesses. For instance, one of the transportation service providers in Canada, required support for their e-commerce applications, mobile workforce, and devices to gain visibility of malicious activities and mitigate network security analysis. The company chose Managed Services from Spyders-which included Juniper Networks security, infrastructure and management products. Today, the company’s IT staff works with its managed service provider, Spyders, for day-to-day operations, while Junipers’ fast track security course allows the IT staff to quickly gain proficiency with the new solution that is helping them achieve their security goals. The deployment helped the company to enhance reliability, capacity, and security of the Internet gateway to support mission critical IP-based applications and services.

Our security service is developed by understanding client's risk reduction, compliance objectives and operating model

Spyders is rendering services across various industries including financial services, healthcare, and education. The company delivers next generation security technologies to its customers and is implementing enhanced risk reduction and compliance program for them. “The distinction is a testament to our commitment to client value creation, innovative problem solving and our investment in building deep and relevant IT security and networking expertise,” concludes Mansour.

Spyders Inc.

Toronto, Canada

Khaled Mansour, President & CEO

Spyders is an information security services provider for clients across a number of industry verticals