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Diego Vargas, CEO
For any business to excel, its various functional units and workflows must be in cohesion. Better outcomes can only be achieved by enabling business agility in the delivery of new products and services and centralizing governance. In today’s digitally driven enterprise realm, BPM solutions are at the forefront of implementing business strategies to assure consistent experiences among the customers, orchestrating workflow channels, people, bots, and data to deliver favorable outcomes in the best way possible. As an entity that has been in the BPM landscape for close to two decades, SQDM has “been there, done that” when it comes to all things related to business process orchestration. In addition to delivering holistic process automation solutions, the company excels at delivering top-notch customer engagement strategies, connecting business tools and platforms, and software development.

“We have a comprehensive portfolio that involves products and methodologies that allow us to support the BPM practice of any company to become their business results partner,” says Diego Vargas, CEO of SQDM. In context to BPMs, companies need to evaluate whether having disparate solutions for every business need is the right approach, to have a manageable platform and a homogeneous flow of data all across their IT infrastructure, or if it is a BPM cloud solution the right choice for them in terms of TCO, time to market, and governance. Vendors, system integrators, and clients alike have to consider solutions that allow them to respond in a timely manner, connect business solutions and devices, and do all this in a long-term manageable way. Lastly, the rise of bots and AI to impart more intuitiveness and predictive capabilities into process management is another promising development. “At SQDM we have been conscious of these trends and have developed solutions that enable our clients to deliver the best possible experience to their customers through the mix of top products and world-class professional services to excel their operations,” says Vargas.

The success story of one of their clients best exemplifies SQDM’s capabilities. Although the automation of their business processes had a good delivery timeline, the integration of applications and systems of their platform was proving to be problematic.

We have a comprehensive portfolio that involves products and methodologies that allow us to support the BPM practice of any company to become their business results partner

The data was not homogeneous amongst the systems and gradually their BPM initiative was undermined by the lack of agility to deliver to its fullest. “We changed their integration implementation methodology for an agile one based on SCRUM and incorporated DevOps, which allowed them to streamline all of their processes,” says Vargas. They eventually moved to an iPaaS platform that reduced the development times to just a third of the time they needed with their previous approach.

In yet another winning instance, a fintech company had issues reaching their daily goals of credit card placement. Focused on the large non-banking population in Latin America, they had a huge call center in charge of a daily goal of USD 120,000 in quota in credit cards placed. To accomplish this, the company had a BPM solution, but they closed every day at around 60 percent of that goal. “We developed a solution called proactive BPM that made easier for the operators to find the next case. The platform started to send the cases, keeping operators focused just on calling each new prospect. It reduced the waste of time looking for cases in the platform, the bias over the database of prospects disappeared and the first day of operation the goal was exceeded to USD 150,000,” states Vargas.

With many such contended customers as well as technology and business expertise under their belt, SQDM is gearing to expand further into international markets. The company recently set up an office in California and looks to establish its footprint in Europe and APAC after grabbing main markets in Latin America by 2023.


San Francisco, CA

Diego Vargas, CEO

SQDM has carved a niche in delivering holistic BPM solutions, and has presence all over North America by adopting a customer-centric approach