SQream Technologies: High Performance Analytics to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Ami Gal, CEO & Co-founder
Today hackers employ the most advanced and sophisticated techniques to infiltrate confidential corporate and enterprise data networks. The adversaries are also staying up-to-date with in depth defense strategies in order to be successful at intercepting the most guarded data systems. To combat the sophisticated intrusions, organizations are shelling out huge money to embark upon big data analytics to analyze, visualize and draw insights from massive amount of information to predict, stop and mitigate the cyber attacks. The enormous amount of data load, usually stored in the network systems, on premise or on cloud, once breached cannot be protected and it is very challenging to have all the data encrypted and operated at the same time. Envisioning the data boom and the associated cyber security challenges plaguing it, SQream Technologies provides cost-effective and efficacious ways to stall cyber-attacks by deriving intelligent insights from large data sets. “Our analytics empowers the CISOs to proactively detect, prevent and remediate any untoward intrusions,” delineates Ami Gal, Co-founder and CEO, SQream Technologies.

SQream Technologies provides the most cost-effective, petabyte-scale big data analytics SQL database that is capable of processing and analyzing mountain loads of critical and detailed information. The big data analytics database when integrated with advanced IT security technologies, can discover and determine the identity, lineage, and provenance of the attacker.

SQream Technologies flagship data analytics solution SQream DB encompasses GPU-based technology (Graphic Processing Unit) that complements the overall performance of the analytics engine. The SQream DB upon integration with the customer organization’s security environment provides with automated analysis of the customer’s network and pinpoints threats, derived from various sources such as mobility, cloud, and network. The SQream DB is upgraded with forensics capabilities and actionable intelligence to provide customers with quick incident responses. “We help our customers identify data patterns that indicate suspicious behavior and then track the threat vectors and their sources,” confides Gal.

We help our customers identify data patterns that indicate suspicious behavior and then track the threat vectors and their sources

Adding further credence, SQream DB is deft in storing, processing and analyzing streamed online data against historical information–up to 100 times faster. Usually in most of the cyber security systems employed by the organizations, a lot of data is filtered and only samples of data are actually analyzed to trace the anomalies, which does not lead to any accurate findings or conclusions. However, with SQream, deep analysis can be performed on large data sets pertaining to the past— longer time frames upto approximately 18 months.

Taking advantage of SQream Technologies’ deep expertise was one of their prominent clients with over a thousand users. The client wanted to analyze the behavior of their users inside the organization to detect any kind of malicious intent and activity. The client was looking for a data storage system with retention capabilities for larger timeframes in order to trace abnormalities in the data sets of the previous six to 18 months. “After incorporating SQream DB with their end to end solution the client’s performance to trace a lot of abnormal activities in user behavior was faster and they could proactively enhance their security standards,” remarks Gal.

Adding to their growth trajectory, SQream Technologies will be soon bringing forth exclusive cyber defense solutions for Internet of things (IoT) enabling multi sensor analytics in real-time and location. “We are also going to scale solutions for larger data sets use cases,” adds Gal. Besides, the firm is planning to widen their global customer base in Europe and North America.

SQream Technologies News

SQream Signs Strategic Multi-Year Multi-Million Dollar Contract with a Leading Tier-1 Mobile Operator

New York, NY - SQream, provider of a data analytics acceleration platform that enables enterprises to gain critical business insights from their massive data, announced today that it has signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract with a tier-1 mobile operator. SQream enables operators to provide better quality of service with lower downtime and reduced network costs, and improved personalized service offerings. This agreement further cements SQream's growing market share in the telecom industry, which includes Orange, LG UPlus, AIS, Cellcom and others.

With an estimated 30 million mobile subscribers and a growing base of 5G subscribers, the operator's data is increasing at an exponential pace. The company faces big challenges due to excessive time required to prepare and execute queries, as well as not being able to analyze larger volumes of data from their Hadoop system, to increase the richness and accuracy of their business intelligence.

SQream was selected because it was able to show that it could significantly reduce data access, preparation and query execution time. For example, SQream DB was able to reduce from almost 10 minutes to 30 seconds, close to 180 times faster, a query that previously took hundreds of man hours to compile and optimize, and which could be prepared in a fraction of the time using SQream. When this new level of efficiency is applied to multiple queries and petabytes of data, SQreams ability to provide rapid data access and analytics is game changing.

Mobile operators face intense competition, and are constantly seeking ways to provide subscribers with better quality of service, more personalized offerings and improved customer service," said Adi Gelvan, CRO at SQream. "With the emerging challenges facing operators due to the huge volumes of data from 5G and IoT, being able to rapidly access and analyze their massive data enables superior decision making to better compete and drive their business forward."

The operator plans to deploy the SQream data acceleration platform across the organization to facilitate the rapid access and analytics of up to 25 petabytes of data.

SQream Technologies

New York, NY

Ami Gal, CEO & Co-founder

Provides effective ways to proactively detect, prevent and remediate cyber-attacks, by deriving rapid insights from large datasets

SQream Technologies