Sqrrl : Linked Data Analysis: A Big Data approach to Cyber Security

Mark Terenzoni, CEO
“Today, analysts are often found digging through log files, manually jumping from repository to repository to find and assemble the pieces to the puzzle,” remarks Mark Terenzoni, CEO, Sqrrl. A security breach leaves all sensitive and intellectual data of different formats at risk. Terenzoni believes that in several instances, existing cyber security solutions focus solely on alert-oriented data, which are difficult to prioritize because they only provide a limited view as to what’s going on. Sqrrl, a Big Data analytics platform provider, has a unique approach for detecting and investigating cyber security incidents by employing Linked Data Analysis. This allows administrators to quickly identify the important assets, relevant actors and events of an organization, accentuating the natural connections between them and providing contextual perspective. With this added context, it becomes much easier to monitor abnormal activity and assess the damage caused due to the breach.

Sqrrl unifies multiple Big Data approaches into a single platform, which can be employed in use cases such as data breach, resulting from cyber-espionage, insider misuse and other types of complex attacks. Cambridge, MA based Sqrrl’s Big Data Analytics allows an organization to detect unusual activity by uncovering hidden connections in their data. Sqrrl Enterprise, their flagship product, developed using Linked Data Analysis policy, provides a way to visually investigate these connections. Sqrrl Enterprise enables its clients to ingest, secure, connect, and analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. The product features streaming, encrypting, organizing bulk data with the entities and relationships, and fine-grained access controls. The solution also includes a web-based dash boarding service helps navigate through the data and relationships in the system.

Additionally, Sqrrl ensures maximum security through techniques derived from ‘Knowledge Extraction’, and ‘Linked Data Analysis’. Data resulting from Linked Data Analysis is more useful with enriched contextual information, which includes additional details on the information itself as well as what it’s related to. Through its Enterprise approach, the company provides data-centric security to clients, enabling disparate data sources with various security and compliance requirements to be consolidated into a shared platform for processing, analytics, and application development.
“We designed and delivered security on day one—not bolted it on as an afterthought,” admits Terenzoni, CEO.

A Fortune 50 customer, based in the U.S, turned to Sqrrl to resolve an internal setback in their Security Operations Centre (SOC). Sqrrl, which is built with Big Data technology, collected all the information needed for storage, processing and analysis in a unified system. This helped in reducing the time taken for the analyst team to conduct searches and investigations in support of cyber security review. The team can now retrieve secure records within minutes instead of weeks or days. The SOC now publishes self-serviced, on-demand investigations enabled by Sqrrl’s data-centric security approach, where every field of data in the system is individually protected.

Sqrrl excels in use cases such as advanced data breaches resulting from cyber-espionage, insider misuse, and other types of hard-to-detect attacks

“Our clients use Sqrrl Enterprise for a variety of real-time Big Data solutions, including cyber security analytics, healthcare analytics, and intelligence analysis,” revealed Terenzoni. Sqrrl Enterprises’ Big Data technology enables flexible and scalable storage of raw data for performing Linked Data Analysis. The company caters to the needs of analysts through dynamic knowledge extraction, aggregating and enriching the context available about the entities and relationships. “By giving users intuitive ways to explore their data and collaborate with their colleagues, Sqrrl helps to narrow the window between when events occur inside an organization’s network and being able to take action on them,” concludes Terenzoni, CEO.


Cambridge, MA

Mark Terenzoni, CEO

Big Data Analytics company that lets organizations pinpoint and react to unusual activity by uncovering hidden connections in their data.