SquareBlue Consulting: Transforming Organizational Needs with Salesforce CRM

CIO VendorSusan Connor, PhD President and Chief CRM Strategist
In every organization, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a key technology that will have a long-term effect on the firm’s day-to-day operations. Understanding the growing CRM needs of non-profits and small businesses, SquareBlue Consulting, an Atlanta-based Salesforce consulting partner, specializes in offering guidance on integrating key CRM technology with sound marketing, business development, and lead generation strategy.

Susan Connor, President and Chief CRM Strategist of SquareBlue Consulting, believes that the key challenge in making a CRM tool successful lies in the depth of understanding business processes. "The need is to understand the process from both the technical and management perspective, and we are here to bridge that gap," says Connor. SquareBlue initiates a detailed analysis of each client’s CRM needs before designing suitable solutions. Connor also cities an interesting example--one of their clients wanted a specific add on program, which was not related to their process, along with the CRM tool. "Although the add-on was a great product, it did not directly relate to the client’s business process. We ultimately recommended against it, which saved a significant amount of their resources and money," stated Connor.

“While it was conceived as a CRM tool, Salesforce is truly so much more than that,” says Connor. As a result, SquareBlue offers a comprehensive set of customer relationship management, marketing, and sales process advisory services for small and medium-sized businesses across various industries. "No two companies operate in the same way. Hence we believe in offering tailor-made solutions that will help to fine-tune not just the technology, but also the business strategy of our clients," says Connor.

Apart from implementing and optimizing the Salesforce platform, SquareBlue offers implementation services for a number of add on marketing tools to enhance the promotional strategies.They also provide a fixed-price assessment that includes a set of detailed recommendations for enhancing the Salesforce implementation for maximum gain.
For firms that do not have the need for a full-time Salesforce administrator, SquareBlue outsources those services, from Salesforce admin to inbound marketing monitoring to email and other campaigns on a retainer basis. The growing complexities of many clients’ business processes have also led SquareBlue to integrate Salesforce applications with other analytic, business intelligence, or marketing tools through the AppExchange.

We believe in offering tailor-made solutions according to the client’s needs to fine-tune the business strategy

Having gained wide experience from working with the finest businesses across the globe, SquareBlue was approached by a leading trade show company to streamline their complex database operation with the help of Salesforce platform. “We created a solution where they can have both the exhibitor and attendees databases, which are differently structured but both critically important to the business, all within the Salesforce platform,” says Connor. As a result, SquareBlue successfully implemented a scalable program which resulted in client expansion and revenue gain.

“Ultimately we see our clients as our partners. We assist them from the beginning to the end to analyze the big change they are likely to face. After these processes, we architect the technology part to be a part of their success,” says Connor. “And more importantly, we are still partnered with them as their needs change and their companies grow. We believe strongly in long-term business relationships.”

SquareBlue recently welcomed ‘Predictive Response’ to its family of Salesforce Partner Providers to offer multiple solutions for marketing automation that can seamlessly integrate into the Salesforce platform. On its vision for the future, Connor and her team will continue focusing on the quality of the services provided at SquareBlue Consulting. “Small and medium-sized businesses are the future of our economy,” says Connor. “We see our role as a facilitator of their success—providing the foundation for their growth, as well as our own.”

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Susan Connor, PhD President and Chief CRM Strategist

Providing guidance on integrating key CRM technology with sound marketing, public relations, business development, and lead generation strategy.