SquareWorks: Unleashing the Power of NetSuite

Bernardo Enciso, Managing Director
SquareWorks delivers high quality services to create and continue successful partnerships with NetSuite customers. SquareWorks was founded on the understanding that company success often depends upon the flawless implementation and ongoing use of NetSuite products. Through Premium Support Services, Project Services, and NetSuite Bundles, SquareWorks’ NetSuite experts simplify the process. From mergers and acquisitions, to evolving business needs, SquareWorks plays a crucial role in making a NetSuite investment highly successful. “We are a one-stop-shop for all NetSuite needs. With quality, responsiveness, and flexibility as core principles, SquareWorks is a resource to lean on,” says Bernardo Enciso, Managing Director.

Following a collaborative approach, SquareWorks implements clear channels of communication between the firm and the client. An assigned Technology Business Partner tasked with the responsibility of understanding the company’s business quickly and proactively addresses any needs. This relationship promotes a superior customer experience. “SquareWorks’ Technology Business Partners understand what a customer is going through strategically. They are not sales-driven, but are committed to the customer’s success,” adds Enciso.

Appreciating the value of clear documentation, SquareWorks implemented a customer portal where clients communicate requirements to the SquareWorks team. By providing a repository for solution review, development and delivery, the portal removes the frustration of miscommunication and creates alignment across teams.

Through partnership based on deep understanding, SquareWorks acts as an extension to the client’s team to achieve faster turnaround times and a better customer experience. Utilizing Premium NetSuite Support packages, clients take advantage of a team of functional and technical NetSuite experts to deliver day-to-day “hands-on” support. The SquareWorks focus on client success leads to long-standing partnerships. Thus when business requirements change and larger projects are required, SquareWorks knows the company and is ready to drive the desired transformation in an effective manner.

Organizations of all sizes and business verticals rely on SquareWorks to navigate evolving business needs that have significant impact to their NetSuite platform.

We are one-stop-shop for all Netsuite needs. With quality, responsiveness, and flexibility as core principles, SquareWorks is a resource to lean on and delivers high quality services to create and continue successful partnerships with NetSuite customers

SquareWorks recently assisted a publicly-traded software company as it embarked on an acquisition spree. After acquiring a company using NetSuite, the client consolidated ERP systems and leveraged the power of NetSuite for the entire firm. SquareWorks was responsible for designing, planning, and executing the integration to unify disparate systems and achieve system transformation. Today, the client continues to focus on core business activities thanks to ongoing NetSuite support services from SquareWorks.

SquareWorks leads the way in providing a superior customer experience. Expanding beyond consulting services, the firm offers productized solutions to common functional gaps through packaged NetSuite bundles. These bundles offer quick wins for clients and eliminate the need for internal custom development. Examples of bundles available today are: a solution to print checks on blank check stock, a solution to streamline the vendor on-boarding process, and a solution to automate the Accounts Payable process in NetSuite. Such bundles prove to be a valuable offering that allow for the easy adoption of best practices.

Fostering strong bonds with customers across the United States, SquareWorks leverages a collection of products and services that eliminates the need for companies to look elsewhere for ongoing NetSuite services. As demand for higher quality services is destined to skyrocket, SquareWorks is set for unprecedented business growth by focusing on the customer.


Boston, MA

Bernardo Enciso, Managing Director

SquareWorks provides Premium NetSuite Support Services, Project Services and NetSuite Bundles