SQUIGL : Fostering Student Engagement throughout the Learning Lifecycle

Ahmad Roowala, CEO
The rapid transition and adoption of virtual classrooms has pushed several educational institutions to rethink their student engagement model and approach to delivering quality and meaningful learning. To this end, it is paramount to have a well-designed and executed course in place to present learners with engaging content that entails rich multimedia and compelling storytelling. If the content is not engaging or fails to instill curiosity in students, retention rates are bound to drop. It has also been observed that an idea portrayed visually and audibly is six times more likely to be remembered than audio. After all, the essence of learning is not just defined by ingesting content but rather motivating students to actively participate in the learning process.

Equipping educators with the tools required to engage students in today’s digitally-enhanced world is Squigl, one of the leading cloud-based video maker software providers. The company supports teachers and students with its advanced video maker to go beyond PowerPoint or Keynote presentation and create engaging visual stories for better student engagement. “Our company believes that engagement has to happen throughout the lifecycle of learning, starting with the foundation of the content and the way it is presented. For this purpose, Squigl offers a purpose-built video maker software that is disrupting the creative content development landscape,” states Ahmad Roowala, CEO of Squigl.

What lies at the heart of Squigl’s software offering is its mantra - “helping learning professionals efficiently produce intelligent content to create change.” The software’s AI and ML capabilities enter the text-based content into its workflow and analyze it to understand the sentiments and context. The software then identifies the keywords and includes appropriate images corresponding to the text. Once the text and images are aligned, teachers can overlay audio that’s automatically synced to the video. Once generated, educators have access to an editing dashboard to make adjustments to the video before sharing it with learners. Designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, Squigl helps teachers seamlessly prepare chapter introductions and reviews within 30 minutes. It is easily applicable to multiple learning modes, thus not limiting the content to a single medium. The videos can include closed captioning, multiple learning styles while building curiosity and engagement among students.

Apart from the video content, teachers can also build quizzes or assessments to engage students further. These activities can be scored and tracked throughout the entire learning lifecycle. The assessment data can then be aggregated into a report and stored at an individual level.

We strive to create a global community of educators and learners and stimulate the entire learning process

This can be accessed via Squigl or integrated into an LMS of the client’s choice. Squigl also offers video analytics, which help teachers track students’ attention levels based on their interaction with the visual presentation. This further helps in assessing their subject comprehension and can be uploaded into the LMS system.

Squigl’s video creation software is equally beneficial to students, especially with regard to assignment submissions. As compared to traditional means of completing assignments and presenting them in a mundane fashion, Squigl’s software motivates students to think differently about their content in a visual manner. Students can simply select the sentences or concepts they think are most crucial to their assignments, choose images that best iterate their ideas, and create engaging videos in minutes!

After the video creation, both students and teachers can store their videos in the Squigl system, make edits, and reshare them. In order to simplify this process, the company has integrated the software with Microsoft and Google to ensure seamless content sharing. Furthermore, Squigl offers a pilot program, allowing schools and universities to try the solution and understand its benefits with the guided support from a team of customer experience and subject matter experts. It further includes a robust knowledge base and a digital adoption platform, making it easy for students and teachers to get started with the solution.

Squigl continues to develop partnerships with other leading EdTech solutions to bring better value add to their offerings. The company will also roll out new templates and animation styles, which would enable the creation of aesthetically diverse videos. In conjunction with that, they are building better interactivity by expanding the solution’s integration capabilities while revamping its toolset to directly convert slide presentations into animated videos. “We strive to create a global community of educators and learners and stimulate the entire learning process,” concludes Roowala.


Minneapolis, MN

Ahmad Roowala, CEO

Squigl is a powerful AI video creation software, designed to turn anyone into a content creator. The combination of audio and simple animated graphics (we call them glyphs) allows users to produce video and course content that is easy to create and engages audiences to boost information retention. Squigl utilizes an evidence-based approach to improve the speed and retention of learning. The company’s advanced AI algorithm is built to choose the right animations for your script, and then automatically pace out the video’s timing for easy consumption