SQUIRE: A Process-Oriented Approach to ERP Implementation

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Reuben Cook, Partner
“There’s an old saying: don’t put the cart before the horse,” says Reuben Cook, Partner at Squire & Company, PC (SQUIRE), a firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah, which specializes in ERP services for e-commerce, distribution, and software companies. “A unique way of interpreting that saying is we shouldn’t put an inordinate value on the cart and certainly not more value than the horse. However, that is what we see more often than not as we review NetSuite implementations.”

Cook believes the software, like the cart, is only a tool to help one reach the destination. The true horsepower lies in the people and processes. What gets lost in a typical implementation is there is so much focus placed on what the software could accomplish that the true value— enabling the company’s unique business processes—gets completely missed.

“Too often the cart engineer, so to speak, feels it is perfectly constructed, but it never got fitted for, or connected to, the horse. And when the cart is not secured properly, it becomes a drag rather than a tool. And that is why most implementations result in a high degree of dissatisfaction.”

A seasoned business advisor, Cook understands that all businesses have unique propositions, irrespective of their sizes. With an aim to assist organizations to excel in their growth, Cook and his team at SQUIRE help companies to identify their uniqueness and achieve their goals by leveraging the NetSuite ERP system.

What makes SQUIRE beyond comparison is its process-oriented approach, extensive industry focus and the unparalleled expertise of its consultants. These aspects form the three legs of a stool engineered specifically for developing strategic business solutions resulting in increased client profitability and a unified business environment. Equipping its clients with a customized solution without compromising the benefits of NetSuite ERP, SQUIRE’s experienced team effectively incorporates best practices in areas that lack an existing process, thereby maintaining the uniqueness of the clients, while simultaneously making way for better productivity and growth.
According to Cook, to scale up with NetSuite, businesses struggle to identify and understand their limitations and roadblocks while navigating through the NetSuite licensing nuances. To that end, SQUIRE guides CIOs in gaining knowledge about the scalable properties and the constraints associated with the NetSuite platform, thereby ensuring a successful implementation.

SQUIRE’s implementation methodology follows a three-step approach, wherein they understand the needs of clients, blueprint the solutions in alignment to the client; and then deliver these solutions within the agreed upon time frame. “Our competitive edge lies in the factor that we are beyond an implementation shop,” comments Cook.

SQUIRE’s in-depth industry knowledge allows them to delve deep into the needs of each client. Additionally, the company’s rich background in finance and accounting enables a better understanding of the financial impact of key operational processes and decisions.

In one instance, SQUIRE assisted a manufacturing company, with a production system built on Microsoft Access, transition to an automated production environment with the aid of the NetSuite platform. Although Access provided the client with the flexibility to manage their operations, the platform was not reliable and was not integrated into the core business systems, resulting in many manual processes. SQUIRE eliminated the Access database and consequently the need to conduct manual processes by integrating all key business activities into the NetSuite ERP system, resulting in faster and more reliable data processing.

Having expanded its footprint across industries such as e-commerce, wholesale, and distribution, SQUIRE also anticipates continued growth in the software industry. “We look forward to expanding our services and meeting the needs of our software clients as the revenue recognition standards transform and SaaS organizations continue to emerge,” concludes Cook.


Salt Lake City, UT

Reuben Cook, Partner

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