SSL: Expanding Citrix as Part of It Solutions

Fatumata Soukouna, CEO & MD
“Nowadays, IT initiatives are driven by people, motivated by compliance and regulatory requirements,” says Fatumata Soukouna, CEO and MD, Soft Solutions Limited (SSL). The focus on compliance oftentimes overrides the importance of taking proper assessment of business requirements. IT solutions are often process oriented and therefore the best of solutions would be useless if the right procedure is not followed in operations. “Most IT professionals and CIOs complain about the difficulty in getting budgets for IT solutions and services and the stakeholders view IT as a cost center,” says Fatumata. “We use a consultative requirement driven approach to solution selection andprovide adequate documentation and support in the process of managing communication of change to the enterprise,” she adds.

IT users need a Citrix Partner to buy licenses or get help with implementing Citrix solutions. “We sell Citrix products and also provide consulting, design, implementation assistance - and even support and maintenance to companies wishing to expand Citrix as part of their IT solutions,” says Fatumata.

SSL started operations as a research and software development organization analyzing the Nigerian business landscape for IT needs. The research identified the need for automated accounting solutions owing to the growth of local organizations at the time. This led to the development of SSL Accounts 1.0, which was launched in the market as the first off-the-shelf packaged accounting solution in Nigeria.

Fatumata also explains that in traditional business environments, workers suffer from productivity loss in many ways, including downtime during PC refreshes, patches and updates, or when they are away from the office. SSL provides desktop virtualization solution-XenDesktop that ensures all users’ essential information resources remain highly accessible at all times. The company offers this solution in collaboration with Citrix’s products FlexCast and Citrix HDXTM.

XenDesktop with FlexCast technology is the enhanced solution that allows IT to build a simple Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution or go beyond VDI to address a broad range of use cases and delivers the right apps and desktops to the right user at the right time.

Our alliance with several blue chip organizations has enabled us extend our security solutions and services to leading players in the Nigerian government, banking, oil and gas, and manufacturing

It also reduces cost and extends the benefits of desktop virtualization to most users. It securely delivers Windows apps and data to any device, and dynamically addresses new software steps in response to business needs.

For a detailed understanding of SSL’s solutions, consider the example of a regulatory agency. The remote users had challenges accessing business critical applications, but were constrained due to bandwidth and application limitations. With the industry’s leading tools from Citrix, SSL was able to analyze and resolve the business’ unique challenges. The critical line of business applications were published to users via Citrix XenApp - the application delivery platform. Then Citrix Netscaler was used to load balance the application servers for optimal performance and improved user connection redundancy. Citrix Netscaler was also used as a reverse proxy to provide secure remote access to mobile/remoteusers connecting from the internet to the corporate network. The connection to the corporate is now secure as the traffic is encrypted from user’s connecting devices to the internal servers.

Going forward, SSL is set to release an easy to use Human resources management application that is cloud based and inexpensive for businesses of different shapes and sizes. “In addition, working with partners like Citrix, Microsoft and Intel, our goal is to be an African IT Service brand on the global stage in the near future,” concludes Fatumata.


Ikoyi, Lagos

Fatumata Soukouna, CEO & MD

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