Stable Kernel: Ensuring Successful implementation of IoT Solutions

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Jeff Andrews, Chief Technology Officer
Businesses are constantly dealing with a deluge of challenges, including fluctuating market conditions, a global pandemic, trade conflicts, and skills shortages. They need to adapt faster to change, digitalize their operations, and find better ways to meet customer needs. IoT is here to deliver that promise. With billions of connected devices adding new sources of data streams for businesses, IoT-led digital transformations can boost data analytics capabilities,re evaluate existing operating models, and drive more profitable business decisions. But despite the value and competitive differentiation it offers, IoT has a slow adoption rate. That’s because almost 75 percent of IoT projects are not considered a success, and most of the time, the reason is scalability issues.

Companies first need to understand the potential of IoT in their digital transformation endeavors,prior to starting a full-blown project. Only a well-defined and incremental IoT strategy can lead to its profitable implementation. Stable Kernel, a leading-edge professional services company, is here to solve this problem by helping its clients navigate the space between their current business environment and “what could be”for their IoT projects.

The company’s IoT Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) follows a well-articulated step-by-step process for ideating and validating product hypotheses for its clients to turn their concepts into effective prototypes and final products. This process is vital for companies that do not possess in-house IoT experts, or that find the complex IoT intimidating. Stable Kernel not only helps such companies explore new IoT opportunities that achieve optimal operational improvements at lower costs but also revamp their outmoded business models to uncover further ROI potential. If a company already has an IoT system in place, Stable Kernel helps them tap into their massive data and find significant ways to boost IoT utilization for themselves, as well as their end consumers. The goal isto assist businesses to recognize the genuine value of their IoT strategy, and create an infrastructure that is easily scalable.

To do so, Stable Kernel relies heavily on market research for each of its projects. Their best-in-class customer insights department conducts a series of interviews and market research exercises to dig deeper into a client’s target audience and uncover user behavior before initial investments are made. This is because a successful IoT project is more than just the implementation of the right technology; it is equally important to understand the business use cases to fortify the company’s IoT journey with its organizational objectives.
Stable Kernel helps clients achieve that by setting them on a well-rounded innovation journey.

When playing to market strengths, Stable Kernel also assures a solid framework to support the future-focused growth of IoT solutions. To that end, the company’s IoT development stages are driven by DevOps processes for faster application delivery, standardized CI/CD methodologies to continuously improve the products based on industry best practices, and robust security and compliance that matches any modern architecture need.

The company’s IoT Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) follows a well-articulated step by-step process for ideating and validating product hypotheses for its clients to turn their concepts into effective prototypes and final products

“These blended phases enable us to develop customized and scalable IoT solutions with best-in-class integrations that allow our client’s systems to pass critical data back and forth with ease,” states Jeff Andrews, chief technology officer of Stable Kernel.

These competencies can also be reflected in a recent instance, when a well-known soap and paper dispenser manufacturing company benefitted immensely from Stable Kernel’s IoT offering. The manufacturing company’s products were primarily used in the rest rooms of large office spaces. Having implemented the IoT solution prior to the advent of the pandemic, the manufacturer witnessed an approximate 80 percent drop in their product usage during the lockdowns. The data patterns from their dispensers helped them in their predictive analyses to manage their production requirements and sales during the pandemic, which led to significant cost savings.

Such success stories are a testament to Stable Kernel’s strategic IoT implementation as well as their forward-thinking IoT experts that are working in the backend as a solid foundational pillar to ensure each of their IoT projects is a success.

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Jeff Andrews, Chief Technology Officer

Stable Kerner creates custom IoT software that unleashes data to deliver more valuable customer relationships.

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