Stadium Technology Group: A Niche Player in the Race and Sportsbook Landscape

With billions of dollars legally wagered on sports in the U.S. and the pending Supreme Court decision that would allow expansion of number of states that conduct legalized sports wagering, it is not without a good reason that sports betting is considered a key opportunity for expansion of gaming revenues. Of the existing legalized states, Nevada’s model is the standard for full service race and sportsbooks and the regulatory oversight of their operations. The gaming board establishes regulations & standards for race & sportsbook software solutions which require prior approval before deployment to licensee operating environments. Stadium Technology Group’s Nevada approved software product, PrimeLine Enterprise Edition (PLEE), is a comprehensive accounting and risk management platform that manages race and sportsbooks.

Rich Baccellieri, Race and Sports Industry Expert of Stadium Technology Group, comments about Stadium’s ability to improve the sports-betting business management. Starting with a single customer back in 2009, today the company has evolved to implementation of 17 sportsbook operator host systems—from a total of 21 currently in the state of Nevada and the software choice of the Delaware jurisdiction. PLEE is a highly scalable and robust software that offers an intuitive user interface, supports retail point of sale & kiosk devices, a mobile application and a browser-based web application. PLEE provides a suite of reports that support analytics and accounting and the option for creation of custom reports either by Stadium or client’s internal teams. PLEE also affords third-party system integration for CMS and other casino management systems.

A common requirement of clients’ as part of the Stadium system installation is the real-time integration of the race & sports system with player tracking/ rewards system provider. The CRM solution extracts the player data upon submission of the wager and transmits transaction details to the respective casino management system(s). Recently added features are performance of responsible gaming checks and AML/ Title 31 reporting system integrations.

Stadium’s rapid growth over the last eight years, is a testament to the competency of its industry experienced development team and superior system performance

With multiple users accessing the system, the system ensures security and accountability, by mapping each class of users with applicable rights depending on their role-based permissions. Guy Ossello, the founder and CEO of Stadium emphasizes on the complexity involved in creating this holistic solution, with multiple validations to be performed even before a wager is taken while efficiently and accurately completed within milliseconds.

Stadium takes pride in building and maintaining high quality customer relationships. “We are in tune with our customers’ challenges & opportunities and strive to evaluate and accommodate their requests in a timely manner. This presents additional challenges where software modifications are required due to highly regulated environment. Additionally, we continue to provide new product offerings” adds Ossello. The latest new product to market is Stadium Live, a managed in game wagering module that produces primary & secondary wagering markets during the course on a sporting event. “Stadium’s rapid growth over the last eight years, is a testament to the competency of its industry experienced development team and superior system performance.”

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Guy Ossello, Founder & CEO and Rich Baccellieri, Race and Sports Industry Expert

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