Standav:Beyond the Cloud - Integrating the Salesforce Ecosystem

Harsha Reddy P, President
In areas such as Salesforce automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), cloud-based computing services and SaaS platforms have become the norm to improve business operations and economic capabilities. “Although boasting of being prominent players in the SaaS space most organizations are unable to solve every users need,” begins Harsha Reddy P, President of Standav Corp. Partnering with Salesforce, Apttus and other cloud providers, Standav is providing technology implementation services, helping organizations effectively leverage Salesforce offerings while maximizing business process value and optimum performance.

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, with offices in Silicon Valley, CA and a Technology Solutions Centre in Hyderabad, India, Standav provides organizations with the most comprehensive mix of strategic, technical and managerial expertise needed for their Salesforce and CPQ/CLM implementation process along with infrastructure virtualization and DevOps related SaaS services. The company is primarily committed to enhance an organization’s Salesforce CRM effectiveness by offering a full array of implementation solutions.

“At Standav, we ensure that all aspects of an organizations’ Salesforce CRM implementation are effectively managed,” notes Reddy. The company also builds advanced automation functionality or expands organizations’ existing Salesforce CRM solution through powerful custom application development. “We can create, tweak and support various Salesforce services and generate different kinds of reports and dashboards according to customers’ needs,” explains Reddy.

The company develops blueprints of the implementation process before the deployment of the original infrastructure in the firm to maintain a transparent process. Being a certified Salesforce partner, Standav assists enterprises’ IT teams in the complete Salesforce implementation process, which is where the most lasting benefit results. In addition, Standav’s products are specifically designed to get the maximum out of Salesforce implementation by increasing the productivity and reducing redundancy at work. The company’s product Dataskiff Cloud Suite, addresses real time problems faced by either the end users of the application or system administrators themselves. Besides, Standav’s project management tools keep stakeholders, project managers and developers updated about their projects.

The future of solutions is to be scalable, agile, flexible and responsive. Think Cloud. Think Standav!

“We help organizations in getting a 360-degree view of their customers in order to increase their efficiency,” says Reddy.

The company is strongly acclaimed for untangling enterprises’ complexities, using their product suite. In one such instance, Standav’s client in the transportation industry was facing issues in their production cycle due to an absence of automation in their business processes. The organization knocked on the doors of Standav to assist them with a system that solves their issue as well as works within the transportation industry. The organization also demanded a simple and intuitive user interface that does not require any experts to handle the system. Standav studied their business model and presented a custom solution completely built on the Salesforce platform, which was able to automate the organizations’ processes. Standav also trained the existing people in the organization and maintained a transparent process throughout the implementation cycle. “We provided our client with a three-year road map and a proper ROI and facilitated them with both shorter and long-time business development goals,” adds Reddy.

The company’s technology leadership and focused approach to fostering a culture of innovation has led Standav to be an exclusive service provider in the market. Being a systems integration company, Standav’s primary differentiator is the quality and expertise of their in-house personnel on major Salesforce-SaaS technology integration platforms including industry standard solutions like Apttus, Mulesoft, ServiceNow, Workday and Big Machines.

Moreover, the company’s fixed price and subscription models offer a low-risk option to clients and also guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects. Alongside the evolving Salesforce ecosystem, Standav expects to develop more SaaS based vertically integrated solutions and services in the upcoming years to meet customers’ expectations globally.


Dallas, TX; Santa Clara, CA

Harsha Reddy P, President

Providing implementation and integration solutions, on-shore and offshore support and maintenance contract services in Salesforce, CRM, CPQ, and Dev-Ops.