Stantive Technologies Group: Unlocking the Power of Salesforce for Digital Transformation

Office walls are collapsing, virtual desktops are fast replacing cubicle screens, and meeting room doors are unhinged while video conferencing and collaboration tools are taking over. Technology has left no industry untouched—several industrial sectors have seen technology companies emerging out of the woodworks to disrupt traditionally established business models. With the onset of the workplace revolution, organizations need to harness the potential of disruptive technologies to become more agile, digitally-enabled and maximize employee effectiveness, loyalty, and retention. “Companies now need to be quick, efficient and reach out to consumers directly, often in ways that have not been done before,” stresses Doug Girvin, CEO of Stantive Technologies Group. With the dawn of next-generation digital workplace, Girvin and his team at Stantive Technologies Group is up for the challenge.

The company works chiefly with clients in health and life sciences, financial services and retail sectors to accelerate digital transformation and improve customer engagement with its content and digital experience platform, OrchestraCMS. While the digital workplace is flipping content management on its head, Stantive Technologies Group allows clients to run their entire web environment including portals, intranet, web apps, and public sites OrchestraCMS, which is built 100 percent native on Salesforce.

“OrchestraCMS is a platform on a platform,” Girvin states. The platform demonstrates unique flexibility in handling a variety of customer use-cases due to its expertise across multiple domains. Traditional content management systems (CMS) are built for a single channel, due to which they often deliver less functionality than out-of-the-box systems. As opposed to this, OrchestraCMS delivers an omnichannel experience for their employees, customers, and partners. This stems from a unique combination of content with business data, processes and applications across digital channels or devices, including Salesforce communities. “The ability to innovate and iterate rapidly and cost-effectively forms the basis of our platform,” he adds.

Instead of building a CMS geared towards putting up static web pages, Stantive Technologies chose to work natively with CMS inside Salesforce, which converged along IT services delivery on cloud and had more extensible and scalable technology.
OrchestraCMS can utilize the data and applications added to improve the functionality of Salesforce in identifying the digital experience sought by the clients. This information proves invaluable to Stantive Technologies in personalizing the digital experience of the client’s employees, customers or partners. Stantive Technologies supports various digital channels and builds and expands applications faster by leveraging the infrastructure and tools furnished by Salesforce. OrchestraCMS and Salesforce together accelerate the transformation of client companies into a digitally agile organization. “We provide an end-to-end business platform that takes our clients from their full back-office infrastructure into the digital channels required to reach consumers,” emphasizes Girvin.

In an instance, a pharmaceutical company with a significant global presence across 40 countries approached Stantive Technologies for driving digital transformation. With a traditional content platform, it was becoming increasingly difficult for the client to communicate with employees across the globe while meeting multiple regional compliance requirements. Stantive Technologies built a single global intranet that allows the client company to have offices around the world and offers and translates content as required. The platform-host also provides governance levels that enable the client to operate globally, regionally and locally—the global entity remains “local” at the operational level, which benefits sales. Eventually, corporate applications were placed into the intranet, making it a digital workplace. This intranet led to increased employee engagement, cost- and complexity-management, and better communication.

Stantive Technologies has made its presence felt in 11 countries across Asia and Canada and aims to expand to Europe. In the near future, the company looks forward to improving its product capabilities. “Emerging digital channels like voice and IP display open up new opportunities for us,” says Girvin.

Stantive Technologies Group

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Doug Girvin, CEO

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