Stave: Smart Apps for Enriched User Experience

Greg Clock, President
Human-centered design isn’t just the latest fad, but it’s an indispensable component revolutionizing all businesses. Yet, companies that invest heavily in sophisticated operations and asset management programs come away disappointed as more often than not these solutions include a complex web of IT tools that aren’t user-friendly. In such a scenario, striving to simplify user experience above all else, Stave designs enterprise applications for asset management and procurement processes that empower “regular users” to interact with operations, resources, and data in a digital way. In its product development cycle, Stave identifies tedious tasks that non-technical workers engage in through email or spreadsheet, and builds solutions that automate manual and repetitive steps. “We design software for the GED, not the Ph.D., and while our integration points are powerful and configuration tools slick, with Stave apps ‘everyone’ can perform faster and smarter in their work environment,” explains Greg Clock, President of Stave.

The company offers several modern solutions that drive operational efficiency, procurement collaboration, and fleet and data center asset management. For end-to-end asset management, the company’s AssetPath is an intuitive solution for inventory tracking and maintenance. The solution supports long-term fleet asset lifecycle management and enables IT facility groups to collaboratively manage all elements in a data center. Additionally, to help organizations modernize business operations, Stave’s OperationsPath is a single solution for requesting services and communicating electronically. With OperationsPath organizations can not only achieve people-centric productivity but also manage relationships with clients and partners. Lastly, to accelerate procurement timelines, Stave’s ProcurementPath is a collaboration solution that automates the entire procurement process with real-time visibility and control. For maximum organization benefit, all Stave apps are mobile-first and accessible from any device.

To deliver best in class functionality, security, and reliability, Stave’s software and applications are purpose-built to run on the ServiceNow platform. “Everything we build extends the ServiceNow data model and enhances that platform. That’s huge for organizations using ServiceNow as they inherit the data security and protection already in place, while immediately improving value and ROI,” says Clock.

We design software for the GED, not the Ph.D. and with Stave apps ‘everyone’ can perform faster and smarter in their work environment

When data is stored in a related data model, it not only eliminates the complexities around people editing spreadsheets simultaneously, but users can analyze and make decisions from a single source of truth and view how information is linked. With Stave apps on top of the ServiceNow platform, businesses can make incremental investments to solve challenges instead of moving an IT mountain.

Moreover, Stave apps can be created in no-time and deployed within minutes, without organizations battling long sales cycles. The company stresses on having a supreme distribution and delivery mechanism and any feature can be added to the Stave application from the ServiceNow Store. “We believe that ServiceNow has reinvented IT Service Management and empowered Stave to add considerable value and simplify the way people work,” states Clock.

A fitting example of the company’s proficiency is when SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union approached Stave for a service portal, and an application running on the ServiceNow platform was delivered in less than a month. The turnkey mobile-ready service portal not only utilizes responsive design elements but pre-configured templates allow design teams to achieve the desired look in minutes over months. Ultimately, with the solution, the client radically improved user adoption while reducing costs.

Determined to surpass all other solution providers, Stave will further enhance its user interface and integration capabilities to become the ‘system of action’ for customers. “We are not interested in ripping and replacing the SAPs and the Oracles, but tying them all together within the ServiceNow platform and emerge as the go-to authoritative system of record for business information,” ends Clock.


La Jolla, CA

Greg Clock, President

Develops enterprise applications and solutions on the ServiceNow platform that helps users interact with an organization’s processes, assets, and data in a digital way