Stealth Power: Hybrid Solutions for Border Security Systems

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Shannon Sentell, CEO
During Shannon Sentell’s time in the Army, he became acutely aware of how important secure and reliable surveillance systems are to national and border security. This knowledge guided him when, after retiring from the Army, he joined Stealth Power as the COO.

Stealth Power was the perfect fit, because its mobile standalone power systems work with military ground equipment to provide dependable power without any geographical constraints. These hybrid solutions have a high degree of reliability, maintainability, and availability, which has made them an integral part of national security.

Stealth Power’s standalone solutions are easily adaptable in almost any remote power scenario, which makes them compatible with almost any remote energy need. Stealth Power’s U.S. security systems utilize lithium ion batteries, in combination with various prime power sources. For customers who use generators as their prime source of power, a sophisticated generator switching mechanism is available, which prevents a power outage if the generator runs out of fuel. The mechanism works by positioning two generators with an automatic switching device which is programmed according to the client’s requirements. This device would transfer the energy load from the first generator to the second generator should the first generator go out of service. This setup ensures no downtime in operations, which is crucial for security operations.

Stealth Power’s systems can be further scaled by incorporating other power sources into its hybrid intelligent energy system (SP-HIES). It employs a dual generator system and a combination of solar panels as the power source for a series of rechargeable lithium ion batteries. SPHIES controls its operations based on preprogrammed settings, which include starting the generator at a certain time of day or according to battery voltage. These systems can be scaled to meet the power requirements of individual customers. SPHIES is perfect for military needs because of its portability and operational effectiveness.

Stealth Power is also working on a new project using lithium technology in a relocatable truck with a surveillance platform.
Such security vehicles can operate on rechargeable batteries with the help of an attached rooftop solar panel and can provide real-time images and data. To effectively monitor this remote border surveillance system, Stealth Power has partnered with Microsoft to leverage their Azure database as a storage platform for their data. With Microsoft’s technological support, Stealth Power’s clients will be able to view real-time data whenever necessary.

Stealth Power has been proactively eliminating the usage of diesel-run generators on the field by employing lithium ion batteries to run U.S. security systems

Stealth Power’s systems are flexible enough to employ with any energy need and dependable enough to provide consistent and reliable power. These qualities are why the company has developed and deployed several power solutions for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The systems were even able to assist an USCBP drug interdiction because of their consistent real-time data.

“We take pride in our high-quality U.S. made products and excellent customer service. If there’s ever an issue, we always ensure to get one of our technicians on the ground as quickly as possible in order to resolve any system faults without interrupting vital security operations,” adds Sentell.

With such first-rate products, it’s no wonder that business is booming. Stealth Power is working toward expanding its production facility and has also entered in a business partnership with a battery manufacturer to create a custom battery that is more robust than their existing one. “We have also entered into a business partnership in order to introduce our hybrid solution to maritime industries. Our goal is to eliminate as much dependence on fossil fueled power sources as possible while maintaining hybrid reliable electric systems,” explains Sentell.

Stealth Power

McAllen, TX

Shannon Sentell, CEO

Stealth Power develops and produces smart mobile energy systems that give the power to run all electrical equipment without constantly running engine or generator. Stealth Power systems are built on top of Azure, the only consistent hybrid cloud in the market that offers maximum portability and value from your existing investments