StealthPath: Multi-Layered Pre-Emptive Security for Edge Devices

Russ Berkoff, President
From smart cities to optimized manufacturing to wearables, IoT is the foundation of the digital transformation of the business and consumer landscape. But with great convenience comes great vulnerability. These hundreds of billions of networked devices are purpose-built to connect, not protect. Edge devices are potential gateways for cyberattacks—weak points for exploitation, and access. They are implicated in an increasing number of ceaseless battles between security experts and attackers, ranging from criminals to nation-states. “Once an intruder breaks through the conventional defenses,” says StealthPath President Russ Berkoff, “unauthorized external connections, data exfiltration, and other compromises are only a matter of time.”

Edge devices present a unique set of challenges. They are scaled-down computers, often with highly compact code written in specialized languages, extensively distributed in real-world settings fundamentally unlike the centralized, locked-down environments of modern data centers. They are self-contained and expensive to patch and maintain. And they are a potential back door to every company’s digital assets.

StealthPath’s solution rapidly brings IoT/intelligent devices into full security compliance, without impacting the device performance or requiring any changes to software and infrastructure. Their game-changing approach implements a zero trust-based defense-in-depth. “We challenge every entity, be it an app or a user, trying to initiate a connection with other devices, and we analyze its content before allowing the communication to happen,” says Berkoff. Even if an environment is already penetrated, the StealthPath solution stops it from illicit action, whether it is spreading to other connected systems or beaconing out to download additional malware.

There are three distinct components in the StealthPath solution. Command Intercept, challenges all communication requests, validating that the originating user and application are authorized for the specific device or port connection. This prevents a trusted- but compromised- entity from executing an unauthorized action, like escalating privileges or opening an out-of-profile connection.
Once entities and actions are validated, StealthNetwork establishes an encrypted channel with independent two-factor authentication stopping potential “man in the middle” attacks. Next, Full Message Protection dissects the complete communication payload, validating consistency with profiles and policies. If there is invalid content—from malware or human error—it is removed, and the safe portion of the message is reassembled and transmitted. “Because these processes are carried out at microsecond operational speed, with minimal power consumption, our solution is ideal for mission-critical environments,” says innovation pioneer and StealthPath founder Andrew Gordon.

StealthPath provides robust, zero trust endpoint security with zero impact on existing hardware, software, or network infrastructure

Configurations are developed, modified and propagated by StealthProvision, a highly secured, centralized server that is offline except during device updates.

For smooth adoption, StealthPath uses MAP, an acronym for its three-stage sequential adoption path. In Monitor, the platform captures all machine-to-machine communications and creates a daily report for detailed analysis and building the foundation for solution configuration. In Alert, StealthPath reports in real time, integrating with existing SIEM systems. This is a simulation mode for enabling testing and optimization of profile configuration. Protect mode turns on the complete set of StealthPath zero trust capabilities.

With multiple approved US and global patents, StealthPath is frictionless to implement, easy to maintain, and coexists with and complements customers’ existing information security solutions. It elegantly addresses a critical vulnerability that will only increase as trillions of new smart devices are embedded everywhere, from advanced aircraft to the energy grid to doorbells.


Reston, VA

Russ Berkoff, President and Andrew Gordon, Founder & CEO

StealthPath uniquely provides defense-in-depth in an information/operations technology environment teaming with ever-changing cyber threats, including highly sophisticated attacks. StealthPath’s game-changing, zero-trust, patent-pending solutions go deeper, working at the fundamental data, packet, and protocol levels, protecting information and processes by neutralizing malware without impacting critical functionality. StealthPath’s platform provides significant value at every stage, from understanding the complete set of local and remote users, devices, and connections on client’s IoT network, to having the ability to shut down potentially harmful exploits before they can do damage