SteelPro Solutions: Digitizing the Manufacturing and the Construction Products Industry

Tyler Watson, CTO
Due to the extensive importance of the construction industry, it’s safe to say the world needs a focus on digitization of construction and building products manufacturing organizations.

The real question is, what do they need?

When the pandemic hit the construction and manufacturing industries, it became a victim of its success. The rapid expansion and population growth created a huge demand for infrastructure facilities. As the demand increased, so did their workload, making it difficultto stay at par. Now, the pandemic hassubsidedand the industry has started to rebuild withthe support of companies like SteelPro Solutions.

SteelPro Solutions offers cost-effective tech solutions that fit the needs of companies in the manufacturing space. These tools are unlike other ERP platforms that often fall short in today’s competitive market. Additionally, manufacturing companies struggle to implement the technology they don’t understand.

SteelPro Solutions offerseasy-to-use applications that require minimal training and are compatible with cloud serversfor lighter infrastructure to service manufacturing world-wide.

“They just have to plug in our software within the cloud and we take care of the rest,” says Tyler Watson, CTO of SteelPro Solutions, emphasizing the ease with which the software can be installed and used.

This solution has a multi-dimensional approach that can digitize everything it touches. Whether it’s finances or the supply chain, the tools can easily iron out the wrinkles from all processes.

For instance, manufacturing companies have always struggled with inventory management. They have to keep track of all the materials in stock, their suppliers, and the projects in the pipeline. This is quite time-consuming and inefficient.

To curb this challenge, SteelPro Solutions has created an AI-driven platform that combines machine learning and data analytics to help companies efficiently manage their inventory.
With its help, organizations gain complete visibility into their resources, including the availability of steel, raw material, production capacity, and more. They don’t have to worry about any data discrepancy or security and make better decisions for their bottom line and better manage working capital.

SteelPro Solutions is different from the rest due toits ability to manage and streamline the entire stack of processes. It can do everything from purchasing steel, inventory management, pricing, sales order optimization to shipping and accounting as a fully integrated solution. The accounting is happening behind the scenes every step of the way so you always know your results. This diverse expertise is essential in the manufacturingspacewhere clients ‘buy things by the pound, sell them by the piece, and price them by the foot.’Transparency and simplicity are ofutmost importance tomanufacturing companies, which is exactly what SteelPro Solutions offers.

They just have to plug in our software within the cloud and we take care of the rest

SteelPro Solutions understands the ins and outs of the manufacturing and building products industry. This depth of knowledge helps maintain its solutions according to clients’varying needs. This flexible and agile approach keeps companies competitive and relevant in an ever-changing market.

SteelPro Solutions keepsmanufacturing companies proactive by enabling them to stay ahead of every challenge. This motivation to supportclients comes from its aspiration to be more than a typical software company, instead we see ourselves as a true partner and we aim to combine the best of manufacturing and technology andenable companies to make a difference in the world economy and the built environment.

SteelPro Solutions


Tyler Watson, CTO

SteelPro is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that provides firms with comprehensive business solutions created exclusively for metal-based businesses