Stellar: Driving Superior Customer Experiences through Analytics

Farid Jarrar, CIO
Across the board, businesses today are striving to keep pace with the changing customer preferences and provide them superior experiences; this struggle is due in part to their existing investments in siloed systems. As a result, a fragmented view of the customer and inconsistent customer experience has snowballed into major pain points. Further, the exponential proliferation of data has contrived them to search for a company that can stream business intelligence from the available data. Enter Stellar. By developing solutions that aggregate different sources of information to provide a single view of the customer and diving into analytics, Stellar helps discover insights about an organization’s customers and make recommendations. Stellar combines the operational system, contact center systems, telephony systems, social media, and live chat to ensure a seamless experience across multiple channels for the customer. “We invest in people, processes, and capability and work with our clients to bring together products that ensure lower costs, such as self-serve,” says Farid Jarrar, the CIO of Stellar.

At a channel level, the firm is able to integrate the various channels providing context and handoff; for example, a virtual agent is augmented to a webchat system to build multi-channel operations for their clients. Stellar’s CX Lab deep dives into what end-customers are saying and recommending about their clients’ brands, which helps them to discover ways for the clients to decrease surprises, complaints, and churn. Jarrar adds, “A lot of our competitors are holding on to legacy systems, whereas we are actively trying to disrupt ourselves.”

Recounting one of their many client success stories, Jarrar explains how a large energy utility has collaborated with Stellar for 14 years. Stellar has grown this client’s service from seven full-time equivalents (FTEs) to over 400 now, across four sites and two countries. As a part of this journey, Stellar has introduced workflow automation, reducing FTE by 69 percent for the back-office, implemented a knowledge management solution, expanded the channels to voice, email, web chat and social media, and has grown their business while reducing the cost to serve. Further, the firm is now looking at endowing automation and self-service options to this client.

We invest in people, processes, and capability and work with our clients to bring together products that ensure lower costs

Jarrar notes that there has been a drastic change in customer demands due to technology enabling them to reach their provider on any channel, which has forced organizations to provide enhanced customer experience through the enablement of different channel options. Stellar has also evolved to add value to their clients and steer ahead of the competition. “The unique benefit we bring in is that we aren’t a technology vendor. We work with the best in breed in technology, combined with the best of human talent,” states Jarrar. “We’ve built innovation labs, roadmaps, and put money and resources into transformation to provide a true end-to-end solution to our clients.” The firm also offers consulting, operational health checks, training, shared services, and knowledge management to a large portfolio of federal government, utilities, travel, and telecom firms.

Moving forward, the firm wants to focus their digital roadmap across three main areas: products, IT, and infrastructure. Stellar is accelerating its adoption of digital technologies and is upskilling and empowering its people in this regard. “We are transforming our workflow processes to accelerate our internal clock speed, and while we do so, we are continually examining our business model,” mentions Jarrar. The firm is also embedding robotics within their business and establishing a robotics Center of Excellence and is making investments in virtual assistants, chatbots, and analytics capabilities. “We have plans to pilot our Next Generation Contact Center platform next year and explore all corners of the globe to ensure our preparedness,” concludes Jarrar.


Victoria, Australia

Farid Jarrar, CIO

Developing analytics to aggregate different sources of information and provide a single view of the customer