Stellium: HANA Powered Supply Chain Management

Randeep Nambiar, President and COO
The current SAP landscape is heavily focused on cloud-based computing and it is making motions to be better prepared for a more demand-driven management. “CIOs involved in the SAP ecosystem are facing a myriad of challenges. We’ve found that they are trying to tackle the issues of simplifying IT, reducing total cost of ownership, capitalizing on the growth of data, and maximizing ROI from IT investments,” says Randeep Nambiar, President and COO, Stellium. As a relatively new firm, Stellium has been fortunate to step in at multiple sites to support IT leaders with these tasks and also help its clients with innovative and agile approaches.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Stellium partners with SAP and offers unique and strategic services in warehouse advisory/operations/system integration, digital and analytics/decision sciences, information governance and SAP operational excellence. “Our customer-focused initiatives on warehouse excellence are driven with a framework that focuses on the fineness of warehouse by targeting the appropriate levers and metrics to drive change,” affirms Nambiar. The company has a superior information governance practice that helps customers implement policies that everyone will adhere to, providing a baseline for operational expectations. Stellium strives to bring innovation and thought leadership when revolutionizing its focused practices globally.

Stellium offers products based on SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) like, warehouse performance management 360 WPM and mLWM, which provide descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics and also mobility solutions. mLWM is one of the signature products, which is a straight add-on to the SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM-EWM) solution. It is platform-agnostic and helps dramatically improve the speed of warehouse operations—up to 80 percent over paper based and 30 percent over other mobility solutions. WPM 360 is a platform built to measure, monitor, and manage multi-level metrics across major warehouse performance attributes for key business objectives like improving warehouse fill rate, reducing order lead time, improving accuracy, throughput, and productivity.
The company has made several investments in the SAP landscape for offering enhanced IT infrastructures for the clients. One of the key areas of investments is in productizing and standardizing the consulting methodology to deliver consistent and high quality engagements. Lighthouse supply chain suite on SAP HANA, 360 WPM, SAP solution extensions on Master Data Governance are some of the key innovations out of Stellium’s innovation lab. Lighthouse SCM Suite is also Stellium’s flagship product that is powered by HANA and integrated to all major ERPs. Lighthouse provides true integrated business planning capability leveraging the speed of HANA on premise or on cloud.

By being simple and focusing on measurable business value creation, Stellium makes sure that they meet the unique needs of the customers without roping in unnecessary programs. “Our assessments are based on a foundation of simplicity in conjunction with innovative minds and thought leadership. It helps us to stay above the competition,” explains Nambiar.

Stellium has helped many clients make better business decisions, reduce business risks, and improve information governance through its end-to-end solutions. In one instance, the company helped deliver EWM across large CPG major and large auto manufacturer. “We have now partnered with them to roll out our WPM solution that further increases our value to the client and SAP,” says Nambiar. This cutting edge solution also enhances SAP’s EWM by developing inbuilt analytics that enable SAP clients and other companies to monitor and measure their performance on managing critical warehouse tasks.

The company is priming itself for expansion into a more global market. “Stellium’s Lighthouse cloud replatformization using SAP technologies like HANA, Business Objects, and Business Objects Data Service are other major areas where we want to provide real-time scenario analysis, faster response to demand volatility and auto calibration of planning parameters,” concludes Nambiar.


Houston, TX

Randeep Nambiar, President and COO

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