StereoLOGIC: Driving Operational Excellence

Sofia Passova Founder, President & CEO
Many transformation projects fail due to the immense challenges in simultaneous and synchronous launching of new technologies, new processes, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the employees to follow. With vast experience in enterprise software arena, StereoLOGIC is driven towards reducing the time and complexity in transformation and BPM implementation initiatives. As an operational intelligence company, “StereoLOGIC helps companies overcome BPM challenges by automating ‘As-Is’ process documentation as well as concurrent validation and diagnostics of both new BPM systems and employee productivity in using this systems to boost the overall business results,” says Sofia Passova, Founder, President & CEO, StereoLOGIC.

Sofia notes that many companies have legacy systems with no documentation for their business processes performed by employees. StereoLOGIC addresses this challenge by recreating the documentation automatically by recording how employees use the system. The company not only maps processes in comprehensive format, but also highlights problematic areas by measuring the process time to figure out time delays and redundancies. StereoLOGIC caters to the challenge of companies beset with time constraints in dealing with inherent business process inefficiencies, by providing customer service acceleration, productivity improvement, post-transformation stabilization, and quality management at significantly lower time and cost.

“Unlike other BPM vendors, our solutions can be installed in a day and our clients’ workforce can start using it in no time, detecting business process issues in real time,” proclaims Sofia. Through StereoLOGIC’s solutions, clients have gained 5X acceleration of process discovery, 100X acceleration of the measurement of process time and large saving in process improvement effort, process testing and the acceleration of implementation of BPM and other technologies and platforms. StereoLOGIC achieves this through its patent-pending technology that doesn’t need infrastructure or platform changes in the client environment. The company’s solutions can be installed in real time without impact on business continuity.

We detect business process issues in real time

StereoLOGIC helps process engineers and business operations executives to deal with complex analytical tasks that need to be executed on a daily basis. The inventive concept, Advanced Analytical Robots, helps these teams to get detailed information about employees’ current activities that are depicted in the form of process maps, with process time measurements, delay, inaccuracy reports, performance characteristics, and much more.

StereoLOGIC brings out the hidden true business performance information to the decision makers by exposing the issues pertaining to the business processes. StereoLOGIC Discovery helps clients to quickly find possible improvements and savings and initiate goal-oriented performance effort based on the “actual facts” versus some idealized scenarios. “Requiring no changes in the existing platform or the infrastructure, we enable clients to achieve significant improvement in employee productivity through process augmentation and employee training,” highlights Sofia.

“Not only we perform the rapid diagnostics of the systems but also automatically generate problem reproduction scenarios,” evinces Sofia. These capabilities have enabled clients reign in on their process inefficiencies catapulting their business success. Pitney Bowes, a global eCommerce technology company, for instance, has been able to accelerate back office operations and customer service response time by 56 percent in less than 90 days while reducing its operational cost by 30 percent. These capabilities highlight StereoLOGIC’s ability to deliver simplicity of use, speed of implementation, rapid delivery of results and high level of automation.

StereoLOGIC’s core leadership brings unique expertise to build inventive enterprise technology solutions backed by R&D and logic in order to solve clients’ BPM challenges. “Our focus is on taking the delay out of customer experience,” concludes Sofia.


Toronto, ON

Sofia Passova Founder, President & CEO

Provides cutting edge BPM solutions helping businesses to improve overall operational efficiency while saving time and cost