Sterling Identity: A Comprehensive and Convenient Process for Enhanced Verification

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Taylor Liggett, Vice President of Business Development
The demand for identity and access management (IAM) solutions is at an all-time high, due to rising cybercrimes, internal cybersecurity threats, and other nefarious activities. One of the significant reasons why internal cyber breaches occur is due to the lack of identity proofing during the employee screening and onboarding process. Companies today need a reliable way to identify an individual, verify who they claim they are and screen them against a watchlist. Meanwhile, organizations are racing against time to add biometrics in the corporate workplace, and integrations such as fingerprints and voice recognition can help to authenticate an individual.

With its groundbreaking identity verification and biometrics services, Sterling Identity is making great strides in the identity and access management arena. Sterling Identity securely collects and manages biometric and identity verification data for industries ranging from financial services to transportation, government, and defense. “Our vision is to make the world a safer place and help employers hire with confidence,” begins Taylor Liggett, Vice President of Business Development at Sterling Identity.

Portland-based Sterling Identity is working to change the way employers look at identity verification through their services. Typically, identity verification is done after a candidate is on-boarded, leaving room for fraudulent activities or errors to be missed. On top of that, a majority of HR managers are not adequately trained in document authentication or fraud detection, which can allow candidates to get away with fraudulent activity. To address these challenges, Sterling has come up with a novel identity verification solution that can verify a candidate’s identity at the start of the screening process. Once the candidate is interviewed and registered, the employer emails a QR code, which candidates use to launch the Sterling Identity Verification web application. Candidates then use their mobile phones to quickly submit their photos and government-issued identity documents, which are compared to verify their identity as well as the authenticity of the identity document.

Our vision is to make the world a safer place and help employers hire with confidence

Sterling’s identity verification algorithms, backed by human experience, help in verifying a candidate’s identity, and provide results in minutes. Users can integrate identity verification into their existing systems and processes by utilizing Sterling Identity Verification’s REST APIs.

Additionally, Sterling offers fingerprint-based background screening services. As one of the few FBI-approved organizations to channel fingerprints, Sterling helps businesses hire, retain, and advance the very best people.

Sterling has a national network of biometric collection locations across 700 cities covering all 50 states, which help in providing secure, modern facilities for people to capture and submit their fingerprints. The company has also designed a custom solution using the latest TFT fingerprint scanning technology that captures fingerprints. This one-of-a-kind solution has been fully approved by the FBI.

With several innovative capabilities and success stories up its sleeves, the company is a leader in the background screening arena. In the present market, Sterling caters to more than 25,000 clients globally and conducts over 100 million searches a year. Sterling strongly believes that the future will replace the password verification process with biometrics. “Our company aims to innovate and streamline the overall ecosystem of trust by adding further technological additions to the current line of the solutions,” concludes Liggett.

Sterling Identity

Portland, Oregon

Taylor Liggett, Vice President of Business Development

Sterling identity shares the vision of making the workplace safe by letting a client hire employees with confidence. Sterling offers one of the best biometric and identity verification solution among the myriad of solution providers which helps in verifying the identity of a client within a matter of minutes. Not just identity but it also verifies other information such as an address, D.O.B, credit history and criminal history. Sterling's solution integrates into the existing system of a client's hiring experience and verifies a candidate's identity before the hiring process is completed

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