Sterling Rose Consulting Corp: Holistic Approach toward Customizing CRM

David Wilkins, Sr. VP of Technology Strategy
CRM systems have come a long way. What started out as a digital rolodex has evolved and expanded into an essential tool for marketing, customer support and data analysis. As the need grows, the number of CRM options has exploded, which has made selecting and implementing the right solution very difficult. Many companies try to move their sales process into rigidly designed software systems with little flexibility often resulting in user frustration, under utilization and minimal return on investment. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp takes a more holistic approach, working with their clients to select, tailor, implement, train and maintain a CRM system that adds real business value. “One of the things we pride ourselves on is the customer centricity that is provided to our clients,” states Jennifer Rusz, CEO.

As a full-service business, financial, marketing and technology consulting firm, Sterling Rose Consulting Corp offers businesses a multitude of targeted and actionable growth strategies. Their CRM offerings help clients find the best platforms for their sales and marketing processes so they can reach their customers in an effective way. Rusz emphasizes on the importance of finding the right CRM solutions for their clients. They stress bottom line business results with measurable key performance indicators tailored specifically to each client. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp helps clients implement CRM tools that add value and provide a competitive advantage.

Sterling Rose Consulting Corp begins with determining the client’s business requirements. They then work to identify potential candidate applications. If an appropriate outside source application doesn’t exist, Sterling Rose Consulting Corp will work to create a customized CRM application for the client. Throughout the process, they continually evaluate the system to be certain that the original business objectives are being met. David Wilkins, Sr. VP of the Technology Strategy Division, explains, “We are focused on the end result which is delivering business value.”

Once a system has been identified and tailored, the Sterling Rose Consulting Corp team works with the client to test the system and trains the sales team. This ensures that all of the business processes are fully supported in a way that meets the client’s unique business requirements.
Jennifer Rusz, CEO
By keeping the key stakeholders involved throughout the life cycle, they can tailor the training to make sure that the right people are getting the right information at the right time in order to effectively use the system.

Sterling Rose Consulting Corp continues to train, monitor, and service their clients after the system implementation is complete. Using the performance metrics defined at the start of the process they can effectively measure how well the system is delivering business value. Rusz elaborates, “We look at everything to make sure the entire technology strategy fits and that it’s the most productive platform for the client to get a proper return on investment.”

We ensure the entire technology strategy fits and that it’s the most productive platform for the client to get a proper return on investment

Rusz describes a recent customer case where Sterling Rose Consulting Corp was able to provide an effective CRM solution. A particular university was looking for one platform to centralize and automate their admissions program. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp worked with them to create one centralized system that would streamline multiple processes. The new integrated system allowed the university to quickly identify missing information during the admissions process and beyond, following students throughout their tenure at the school. This automated and standardized CRM solution lead to substantial efficiency and productivity gains for the university.

Sterling Rose Consulting Corp currently has clients in 37 countries, including the U.S. With their comprehensive approach to helping clients use technology and a focus on CRM solutions, Sterling Rose Consulting Corp looks forward to continuing to provide clients the tools they need to drive success.

Sterling Rose Consulting Corp

Lawrenceville, GA

David Wilkins, Sr. VP of Technology Strategy and Jennifer Rusz, CEO

Offers the right customized CRM application and implements CRM tools that add value and provide a competitive advantage

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