Steton: Delivering Compliance and Performance Management Solutions

Marty Tidwell CEO As technology is paramount to drive growth and enhance customer satisfaction, the new channels like cloud, social media, and other digital marketing tools are increasingly being adopted by the food and beverage industries. Headquartered in St. George, UT, Steton delivers quality and performance management software solutions to its customers to help them run better, stay in compliance, and strengthen their brand consistency. “Moving in sync with the technology, Steton provides its clients with mobile and cloud-based applications to gain aggregated visibility into each aspect of their operation so that they can continuously monitor their processes, identify problems, and implement corrective actions to quickly address gaps in their performance,” says Marty Tidwell, CEO, Steton. The company provides tools for food service professionals that make it easy for them to manage data collection, compliance, administration, corrective action, and communication.

From among the service solutions which it provides to its clients, Smart Data Capture enables them to build unlimited forms for information gathering which helps in audit processes. Compliance solution is used by the companies to measure the compliance of their quality and safety inspections.
Steton delivers a closed-loop workflow management system, built on a scalable and future-proof mobile and cloud-based architecture, which is customizable and configurable to address a wide range of needs and industries. To support its clients in centralized administration, the company gives them access to the right people and right information which allows them to create assessment programs without investment or IT support. Corrective action plan benefits the customers to select the key steps in remedying a situation, where they can automatically create mandatory corrective tasks upon non-compliance scoring and planning. This tool also allows them to effectively document and manage variances so as to ensure visibility and transparency at all levels of their business. The communication service focuses on creating standardized email templates to send emails to any system contact. It also sets up role-based landing pages that automatically direct the users to their most relevant work pages.

Steton delivers quality and performance management software solutions that enable companies to run better, stay in compliance, and strengthen brand consistency across the enterprise

The company offers a unique service solution called Steton 360 Enterprise Edition which is used by the companies to monitor and report on quality, safety, and brand performance through centralized compliance measurement and tracking. The benefit of using this service is that the customers can proactively identify trends to correct or modify processes, slice and dice the data for more detailed analyses of performance specifications and audit criteria. Steton 360 is a highly secure and scalable SaaS solution, which has powerful analytics, customization capabilities, and flexible pricing options.

Steton has its clients across industries like food, retail, and healthcare. One of its clients, which are among the Global 500 Food Companies, faced problems in quality compliance, purchasing standards, and improving their brand delivery and food safety compliance. To solve their problems, the client used the Steton 360 Enterprise Edition solution to manage their critical programs. They conducted 1–100 performance assessments each month and as a result, they were able to improve their corporate and financial performance by identifying the inefficiencies which could be corrected through training and process improvement. Steton, also successfully guided its client in streamlining their compliance monitoring.

Going forward, Steton focuses on how well compliance programs can be adopted and followed in all locations, how their accountability can be improved, and communication be effectively ensured with field operators emphasizing on the standards of quality compliance, delivery, and enhanced assessment programs.


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