Steton Technology Group: Eliminating Compliance Bottlenecks

Quality, safety, and compliance are essential aspects of today’s hyper-competitive business environment. Audits provide critical information about how organizations can improve everything from customer service to regulatory compliance. Despite its crucial nature, auditing projects today are often conducted utilizing out moded data collection methods – like paper and pencil that can create long hours of manual input and delayed analysis.

Bridging this gap is the Salt Lake City, UT-based firm Steton Technology Group, helping organizations in retail, hospitality, and food service industries improve operational excellence in the areas of quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and brand consistency. “Our solutions speed up access to usable information,” extols Frank Maylett, President and CEO, Steton Technology Group. “Speed-to-data means speed-to-action.”

Founded in 1997, Steton Technology Group was the first company to deliver business performance software for organizations to meet compliance needs. Its quality and performance-management software allows organizations to discover issues and make continuous changes that enhance the overall brand and customer experience at the point of presence. “Steton provides companies with greater visibility, intelligence, and control over how well their operations are adhering to corporate quality, safety, and brand standards,” adds Maylett.

Steton provides companies with greater visibility, intelligence, and control over how well their operations are adhering to corporate quality, safety, and brand standards

With cloud-based technology from Steton, an auditor typically using a mobile device measures process performance and compliance in an operational field location.
Frank Maylett, President & CEO
Submitting those results with just one click, the auditor’s data is immediately centralized and deeply analyzed. By identifying variances and root cause problems and managing corrective actions to quickly address gaps in performance, the company aligns corporate strategy with organizational execution, continuously improving performance and strengthening the brand.

Steton’s enterprise business intelligence tool can easily delve into limitless subcategories of data to uncover specific issues in various departments. Steton’s smart data capture solution overlaps with the reporting solution to receive status reports regarding the ongoing project and operations at any time.

Steton’s Corrective Action Management(CAM) solution allows organizations to create compliance correction plans, review correction levels, and oversee those changes until satisfaction levels are met.

Intercontinental Hotel Group, with more than 4,800 hotels in nearly 100 countries, utilizes Steton software to regularly audit each of their locations. Following news of a security breach at a door lock manufacturer, IHG put Steton into action, conducting audits to determine which of its hotels were impacted, and mandate immediate compliance across all locations. Because of the speed and efficiency of Steton software, IHG was able to resolve a serious threat to its business rapidly and without incident.

As compliance and audit teams steadily adopt cloud and mobile technology trends, Steton continues to develop solutions that ensure their customers achieve improved operational alignment and exceptional organizational performance.

Steton Technology Group

Salt Lake City, UT

Frank Maylett, President & CEO

Steton cloud-based software helps leaders in the food, hospitality, and retail industries continually improve how well their operations comply with corporate quality, safety, and brand standards