Stilog: Tailor-made Solutions for Effective Field Service Management

Today, rapid mobile innovations in various areas have ripened for big paybacks. The time has arrived for field service companies to investigate potential outcomes, explore new possibilities, and re-examine old problems through mobile-based solutions. Stilog, a field service solution provider, gives the possibility to create and deploy tailor-made applications to on premise and off premise services through BYOD and mobile technology. “New mobile applications for field service management have empowered game-changing efficiencies for organizations searching for better approaches to generate revenue, enhance client experience, and diminish costs,” says Christophe Poirmeur, Co-Founder and CEO, Stilog IST. “Apart from field service, we help the professionals to manage any kind of operation in the areas of construction, human resources and production.”

Stilog’s flagship product, Visual Planning solution is a highly user-friendly platform, which is fully compatible with Windows and UNIX systems, and is available on premise or in the cloud. This solution is operational in several areas such as scheduling work, tracking projects, allocating resources, and monitoring progress. In the field service arena, the product stores a complete log of all the work orders. It assigns work orders to the entire work force.

Our single application bonds with any kind of software and performs the job of scheduling work, allocating resources, equipments, and field training

“As Stilog performs at field and the office, the product is accessible to any mobile device with internet connection,” says Christophe Poirmeur. Furthermore, the solution is widely used in construction where it manages transferring the information from project managers to supervisors and labors in order to execute assignments more efficiently. Moreover, the firm offers user-friendly applications such as Intelligent dispatching application. It helps in retrieving information on the premises and enables training to scheduling of work effortlessly.
CIO VendorChristophe Poirmeur, Co-Founder & CEO
Furthermore, Stilog serves an array of firms across several sectors, where they have benefited customers and brought about good revenue generation instantly. For instance, an organization in U.S. faced a challenge to circulate assets, equipments, and distribute work to their workers in the field. Since the workplace was located far from the field, they were not able to perform their obligations consistently. Stilog implemented a simplistic application to streamline the entire process and allocate all the work right from the office to the field. Through this versatile application, sending data to technicians in the field ended up being to be a hassle-free job. The time taken to perform a task was drastically reduced and the workers were able to take real-time decisions and send reports to office more frequently.

With a focus on high business values and better resources, the firm outperforms its contenders. “It is our user-friendly Stilog application that makes us stand apart from our competitors. Our solutions are versatile enough to perform all the services and scheduling of work from office up to the field,” claims Christophe Poirmeur. Every application of Stilog is designed in such a way that it performs as per the needs of business choices and functions with more attention.

Moving forward, Stilog will be launching an upgraded version of Visual Planning. “In the meanwhile, we are doing intensive research to make our applications more robust to meet the client needs more appropriately,” concludes Christophe Poirmeur. With so much in store, Stilog has plans of expanding its footprint across the globe, few years down the line.


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Christophe Poirmeur, Co-Founder & CEO

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