Stixis: Transforming Businesses To Trim Down Costs For Brand Novel Profits Augmentation

Rayudu Dhananjaya, President & CEO
In today's progressively more competitive business environment, organizations must handle business demands with steady evolution of technology. Fostering synergistic relationships, Stixis delivers personalized/customized and state-of-the art technology solutions that best-fit to clients’ needs. Founded in 2010, the firm provides a diversified range of conventional professional software development services on the basis of proven methodologies and practices to industry leaders, both large and small.

Focusing on Agility, the company builds an organization culture, that values being agile rather than following agile. The industry expertise embraces media and entertainment, healthcare, insurance and reinsurance, travel and leisure and retail.
The firm enhances customers’ digital nervous system with wide range of service offerings like application development, consulting, application maintenance and support, application testing, application integration, webservices, rich internet applications, user experience management, business intelligence, legacy services, eCommerce, digital asset management and mobile application.

The firm’s expertise in technologies, application servers/middleware, and RDBMS helps its clients to accomplish the goals beforehand. The company brings in plethora of technology capabilities including dedicated open source development, Microsoft Application based programming, systems programming, enterprise tools, and design and multimedia solutions.

With its artistic, ground-breaking, and industrious method, the firm helps its customers to stimulate their top-line growth.


Plano, TX

Rayudu Dhananjaya, President & CEO

Stixis brings in plethora of technology capabilities with dedicated open source development

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