Stone Bond Technologies: Out-Of-The Box Bidirectional and Agile Data Integration

Pamela Szabó, Founder & CTO
Most large organizations have a highly disperse and distributed IT infrastructure with several Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM and instrumentation components. As there is a lack of a single technology that solves an organization’s IT requirements, getting these disparate systems to operate seamlessly with each other is not only the biggest, but also the costliest and most time-consuming challenge that exists today. As a result, enterprises are on the lookout for ways to federate data across many environments with real-time and bidirectional access. Although great strides have been made in visualization, business process management and portal technologies, the application and data integration is still remaining stagnant with legacy integration technologies. “It’s like filling the tank of a Ferrari with 1970’s regular gasoline and wondering why the engine is pinging,” says Pamela Szabó, Founder and CTO, Stone Bond Technologies.

In the wake of these developments, Stone Bond Technologies’ Enterprise Enabler provides a single visual integrated development environment and platform for integration. “It is the only enterprise grade full-scope middleware platform built on the Microsoft stack and in use by Fortune 500 companies worldwide,” claims Szabó. The platform is built to be fully scalable, secure and monitored, providing a single framework for development, testing, deployment and management, complete with an audit trail and a patented metadata monitoring tool.Without the need to code, customers can build relationships across multiple types of sources, applications, databases, standards, instruments and cloud with simple point and click, and drag and drop capabilities. “Real-time integration and virtualization without the fear of tech debt that becomes too unwieldy to manage could be the difference in accelerating past the competition or simply keeping up with the herd,” states Szabó.

Enterprise Enabler delivers bidirectional application and data integration out-of-the-box. This helps to reduce the costs associated with connecting to data sources at the application layer, while drastically improving the time to delivery on IT projects with significant integration components.

Our platform fast tracks customer integrations often times improving speed to delivery 10-1 vs. the status quo

“Stone Bond delivers this platform along with the integration expertise to fast track customer integrations often times improving speed to delivery 10-1 vs. the status quo,” says Szabó.

Federation, virtualization and integration of applications and data are at the center of all IT departments, and the agility of the company depends on the delivery of these components. With newer and bigger needs that demand greater flexibility in the cloud and Big Data realms, Stone Bond has helped many organizations eliminate the legacy integration software based hand coded solutions of the past. For instance, a large manufacturing and services provider to the oil industry needed to improve the entire purchasing and delivery life cycle. After a failed multi-year effort utilizing legacy integration tools they adopted Enterprise Enabler to facilitate not only the integration points across thousands of vendors spanning 65 subsidiaries on four continents, but also the data flow processes for verification and exemption to assure accurate billing and collections. The solution was successfully deployed in 3 months resulting in 45 day accounts receivables shrinking to 3 days. Since then, Enterprise Enabler has facilitated real-time worldwide banking reconciliation across all subsidiaries.

With the number of companies that are leaving Java and moving to .Net for their primary development platform, Stone Bond sees rapidly increasing demand for its Enterprise Enabler product. “We are also excited about the upcoming in-memory SQL Server, which we will be leveraging for many aspects of integration,” says Szabó.

Stone Bond Technologies

Houston, TX

Pamela Szabó, Founder & CTO

Provides an agile platform, Enterprise Enabler that delivers an integrated development environment across all data sources

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