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Jim Liddle, CEO
As we are entering into what many refer to as the zettabyte era of storage it is not surprising that cloud storage is gaining popularity in every business quarter. In the wake of digitization and rapidly growing business activities, there arises an indispensable need for companies to manage isolated pools of data. Migrating to cloud breaks down these silos by providing organizations a massively scalable, cost-effective storage to amass any data in its native format. Nevertheless, the top concern of these organizations is the lack of visibility and a cohesive view of all the corporate data which is stored across vast and growing public, private and on-premise data centers, further restricting the IT team to apply corporate security policy uniformly or ensure GDPR compliance. Set against this backdrop is Storage Made Easy (SME), an Amazon solution partner, which takes a multi-cloud approach to promoting governance and control of corporate data.

SME is the business interface for AWS object storage solution, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), which enables companies to manage data storage in one place with an easy-to-use application interface and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere–websites, mobile apps, corporate applications, and more. SME’s Enterprise File Fabric solution offers a ‘single pane of glass’ for accessing, sharing, protecting and managing all business data, whether it is hosted on-premise or in third-party applications such as SharePoint, Microsoft Office, and Outlook.

“We have a history of protecting customers’ data,” says Jim Liddle, CEO, SME. “With File Fabric solution we address our customers’ growing data protection challenges which include the forthcoming GDPR legislation and the rapid rise of data breaches.” The company unifies private and public file sharing into a single, converged storage infrastructure, eliminating data and cloud sprawl and simplifying governance and audit controls for compliance regimes.

The firm provides two ways of working with Amazon S3 such as hosting offering and use of onsite Enterprise File Share and Sync (EFSS) Platform. It acts as a security control and compliance hub for Amazon S3 data by providing a visual permission wizard for assigning permissions and enhancing S3 with business level auditing and governance.

With File Fabric solution we address our customers’ growing data protection challenges which include the forthcoming GDPR legislation and the rapid rise of data breaches

The firm also integrates Amazon S3 with an active directory for providing a single-sign-on capability with universal controls for security, encryption, and audit.

SME offers the flexible and comprehensive application stack for Amazon S3, enabling users to access from “Cloud Drives,” share and collaborate anytime, anywhere, and from any device including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows.“Our intuitive solution gives customers the workgroup collaboration and productivity, eliminating cloud storage costs and complexity in data access and management strategies,” says Liddle.

In one instance, SME worked closely with a major US retailer who keeps its product catalog on S3. The client uses the File Fabric to integrate with their SAML Identity Management, offering a solution to their product partners via the File Fabric secure FTP to S3 protocol adaptor, making it easy for their customers to access the data. With Liddle at the helm, the company has scripted similar success stories for numerous clients by providing the best-in-class tools to access securely, alongside with the convenience they demand.

“Innovation coupled with our engagement with our existing customers and ensuring they are happy is key to our success,” says Liddle. Presently, SME is very bullish about its recently rolled-out Amazon S3 feature called M-stream, which accelerates individual large file downloads from Amazon S3 over 10x. This addresses the need to get access to S3 stored object data very rapidly in a real-time on-demand fashion.


The Enterprise File Fabric Solution from SME is now available in AWS Marketplace

London - “ Storage Made Easy® (SME), with a mission of simplifying storage for everyone, announced today that the Enterprise File Fabric platform can now be launched directly from AWS Marketplace.

Companies are deploying the Enterprise File Fabric on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage the convenience and economics of cloud storage, to increase organizational agility, and to support increasingly distributed workforces. Now workers anywhere are able to access corporate data on demand through web, mobile and desktop apps, and even through an optimized virtual file system. No VPN. No virtual desktops.

The File Fabric presents Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and other cloud storage into a single virtual filesystem. Organizations can continue to use their file-based applications and processes as they migrate data to the cloud as users are able to work with the desktop tools and applications they are used to. Integration with AD / SAML with fine-grained access control, audit logs, PII monitoring, and virus scanning add corporate controls and oversight.

Steven Sweeting, Director Product Management at Storage Made Easy said: "The Enterprise File Fabric joins our S3 Drive and S3 Explorer desktop products in AWS Marketplace. Customers are able to launch our complete File Fabric platform on AWS in just a few clicks. Once again, its just storage made easy!


Surrey, UK

Jim Liddle, CEO

An Amazon partner that enables IT to regain control of cloud sprawl, unifying private and public file sharing into a single, converged storage infrastructure

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