StorageCraft: Back up and Recover Your Data in the Virtual Environment

Matt Urmston, Chief Evangelist/Director, Product Management
Virtualization has become one of the prudent ways to extract more business values from an IT infrastructure. Virtualized infrastructures are popular not only because they are cost saving, but also they allow quick changes into the business models, operating structures, and the way business processes are enabled. However, virtualization comes with its own set of challenges that can impair the functioning of disparate departments. The IT admin can face repercussions such as VM sprawl, data loss, capacity planning, and backward compatibility. Also, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who take advantage of virtualization have to convince their clients and face the daunting task of managing migration projects. Yet there are few companies that have gained expertise in providing a leap off from these challenges by bringing full optimization through virtualization. The Draper, UT headquartered StorageCraft technology is one such firm. “We are equipped with the tools that can enable an error-free migration of physical servers over a dynamic virtual environment,” delineates Matt Urmston, Chief Evangelist/Director, Product Management at StorageCraft.

Eleven years ago, when StorageCraft first opened its doors for business, they recognized the need in the market for a reliable data recovery product. Although back then, there were plenty of backup products, data recovery was still a time consuming, painful and risky process. This led StorageCraft to introduce ShadowProtect that soon became synonymous with reliability and paved the way technologically for many of the disk-based backup solutions in the market today. “It didn’t take us time to realize the basic need of the firms, which helped us to expand our portfolio to include replication technologies, leveraging virtualization for near instant recovery, and introducing our cloud services,” says Matt. To further enhance the amenity and reliability, StorageCraft has provided cloud services along with ShadowProtect to offer access of data anytime and from any location. Today the company’s solutions have transformed from a single backup/ recovery product to a robust end-to-end disaster recovery solutions.

In the events of downed server, ShadowProtect promises its users a typical server backup within minutes.
“One of our partners refers to our solution as ‘his cure for insomnia’,” exclaims Matt. This service has a commendable flexibility wired within it and that simplifies the movement of IT from physical to virtual infrastructure or even from one hypervisor to another.

There are various cases where StorageCraft has empowered firms to overcome their business challenges and to accomplish desired goals. A large nationwide jewelry company, a client of StorageCraft’s partner, based in Hawaii, once experienced the loss of a critical server at the worst possible time. This particular server was installed to keep the tab on the employees’ reporting time across all of their offices. The MSP partner, in response, provided them StorageCraft’s data recovery (DR) platform, which brought the server back online instantly.

We are equipped with the tools that can enable an error-free migration of physical servers over a dynamic virtual environment

When it comes to discuss the authenticity of performance or different means to gain the competitive edge, the partners of StorageCraft has always been a source of motivation. “I spend a lot of time visiting with our partners, trying to find out what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong, where we have missed the mark,” explains Matt. It has really sparked their proficiency in offering the recovery solutions for both physical and virtual servers, file and folder or full system restore, and off-site replication to the StorageCraft Cloud Services.

Going forward, StorageCraft is planning to further cement their alliances with their partners and leading virtualization providers as well. The company is also getting ready to release its Cloud Services 2.0 software in the international platform including European, Australian, and the U.S. market.


Draper, UT

Matt Urmston, Chief Evangelist/Director, Product Management

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