StorageCraft Technology: Ensuring Fast, Reliable, and Complete Recovery

Matt Medeiros, Chairman & CEO
The terrorist attack of 9/11 at the twin towers sharply drew the spotlight on the realities of IT disaster recovery. Although businesses today have come a long way to refine their disaster recovery plans, the catastrophic event still serves a classic example on how data disaster comes uninvited. “With so many disasters coming your way, how can you possibly recover from them all? We need to make sure we have a recovery process for mission critical situations,” begins Matt Medeiros, Chairman and CEO, StorageCraft. StorageCraft has designed software that encapsulates an array of services like disaster recovery, back-up, system migration, and data-protection solutions for various devices.

Since its inception in 2003, the firm has been developing best-in-class backup, disaster recovery solutions for both the worlds—virtual and physical. Coupled with technology and high standards of innovation, StorageCraft’s cost-effective software is capable of diminishing downtime, tightens and enhances security and stability. The company’s award-winning StorageCraft® Recovery Solution™, for Windows and Linux systems, assists companies to prepare for every eventuality, recover systems, data, Microsoft Exchange email, and restore failed servers.

StorageCraft has been steering ahead with the idea that “not all data is equal”. This approach has shifted the company’s focus to the recovery aspect of the solution in lieu of storage and backup. “If I am a retailer the most important data to back-up is the POS system. That’s not how the industry treats data today. We treat it all on an equal footing. We don’t want to re-invent back-up and recovery, but offer tools that create a recovery situation that is dependent on what is most important to the customer,” illustrates Medeiros. “Any other company can do backup but StorageCraft focuses on recovery.”

The process of safeguarding and protecting business-critical data takes-off with StorageCraft ShadowProtect, reliable backup and disaster recovery for Windows systems, acts as fallback option for applications, operating systems, and everything a client needs to protect.

Any other company can do backup but StorageCraft focuses on recovery

These back-ups are then replicated to an offsite location for restore ensuring quick IT availability. The firm offers several management tools where a single pane of glass allows to perform and push installations, monitors back-up performance and captures the relevant data so that the client does not risk losing irreplaceable data.

StorageCraft’s fast and reliable disaster recovery solutions can save backups to any location, perform a bare metal system restore, schedule automatic backups, and can recover IT systems and data anytime, anywhere. The firm’s extensive experience in delivering recovery solutions has assisted many IT professionals, managed service providers (MSPs), and businesses worldwide to overcome their business continuity concerns. In one instance, StorageCraft was approached by Starwood Group, chained-brand hotels, when the client was struggling for as long as 26 hours for data backup and retrieval. The firm’s ShadowProtect automated backups to client’s main data server in every 15 minutes. In comparison to prior 26 hours for a tape backup, each backup now took only 30 seconds. StorageCraft’s solution not just reduced multiple hours taken in backups and restores but also brought along huge potential cost savings by safeguarding the chain of hotels from future disasters.

Committed to a channel distribution model, StorageCraft is advancing to make quick, reliable, and complete recovery a reality for its clients. In days to come, “We will continue to develop innovative products that set the standard for backup and disaster recovery of virtual and physical systems,” concludes Medeiros.

StorageCraft Technology Corporation

Draper, UT

Matt Medeiros, Chairman & CEO

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