Storcom: Bringing Clarity to the Cloud

Dave Kluger, Principle Technology Architect
It’s always a balancing act to build an environment that respects the short-term bottom line while providing the services that improve long-term health and goodwill for a given company. This has historically been complicated by the rapid advancement of technology in the IT space. “Taking a wrong fork in the technology road can have long-term effects that make it difficult to meet the objective of any organization. If the driving forces of innovation and adoption aren’t strong enough to scare anyone, throw in the paradigm-shifting technical and workflow processes of the cloud, and you’ll have the management and IT staff in near panic mode,” says Dave Kluger, the Principal Technology Architect at Storcom.

Cloud Mobility

Under the leadership of Kluger, Storcom’s Recover Cloud Service has brought enterprise-level features and support typically reserved for Fortune 500 companies to the mid-market Enterprise and SMB. Storcom enables clients to backup and recover everything from a file to an entire virtual machine and even bare metal recovery, both locally as well as remotely in a T3 data center or public cloud. “Many of our clients are looking for ways to leverage the public cloud, and we provide a path to cloud adoption through the public cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google, while also empowering clients with the flexibility to store data in a private cloud or hybrid cloud model,” says Kluger. With many organizations looking for ways to make the public cloud part of their DR/BC strategy, Storcom is giving their customers the ability to choose the strategy that best suits their requirements.

Reaching Beyond Disaster Recovery

With an extensive background in data center infrastructure and design, Storcom can customize a disaster recovery and business continuity plan without a total overhaul of a company’s IT. “We understand that some of our clients have invested in facilities and infrastructure, and we’re willing to work within those parameters to customize a solution that can leverage those investments,” Kluger adds.

we provide a path to cloud adoption through the public cloud providers, while also empowering clients with the flexibility to store data in a private cloud or hybrid cloud model

“Because we also design and implement servers, storage, networking, and security as point solutions, it gives us great flexibility with our clients since we understand the technologies they’re already using.” By offering clients the ability to utilize their own infrastructure as well as Storcom’s Recover Cloud Service, Storcom is able to design solutions at a price point that many other providers are unwilling or unable to match. The ability to support a variety of platforms and manufacturers is unique in the DRaaS market as many providers have cookie-cutter models where clients that fall outside specific sizing guidelines are left with solutions that are too large or too small for their specific requirements.

Long-Term Planning

The cloud, when properly aligned with the business objectives of the organization and implemented into the standards, can provide great returns. When improperly applied and/or implemented, the cloud can have enormous negative impacts the operations and budget. This places enormous pressure on the limited IT staff to find a solution that meets the needs of company’s vision while also remaining conscious of budget and unique skills of their staff. “The key to Storcom’s long-term success is that we strive to become a member of the client’s team, sharing in their pains and adapting to their goals and vision,” Kluger says. With the ability to leverage the public, private, and hybrid cloud and the ability to operate in complex environments, Storcom is positioning itself for success now and into the future.


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Dave Kluger, Principle Technology Architect

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