Storgrid: Secure Data—Any Device, Any Time

Frank M Lenarduzzi, Chief Commercial Officer
With consumerization of IT, enterprises are plunging into the Bring Your Own Device revolution to bring in flexibility and innovation in business operations, while enhancing employee satisfaction. Dubbed as BYOD, the sole idea was simple—the reality, however, seems to be more complex and expensive than companies may realize. “Without any doubt, the biggest challenge is securing the data traffic that originates from any location and flows anywhere,” begins Frank M Lenarduzzi, Chief Commercial Officer, Storgrid. The statement of Lenarduzzi holds more than the truth in the age of mobility, where a mobile workforce plays the role of data custodians on account of BYOD practice. He continues, “The variety of devices with multiple operating systems running on several mobile networks is a real nightmare for CIOs.” Again, the scenarios like a loss or theft of a mobile device, or exit of an employee from the organization acts as a genesis of several security concerns. Founded in 2011, Storgrid is a torchbearer, providing a secure software platform for creating enterprise file synchronizing and sharing (EFSS) solutions that protect information when employees use mobile devices or distribute files.

The Netherlands based Storgrid fills the privacy need for the employees in the company while at the same time establishing a total grip of data traffic inside and outside the company. “It is absolutely necessary for companies to secure the knowledge and gain competitive edge,” affirms Lenarduzzi. “The journey of knowing and securing relevant data is prevailing for years within our parent company—Byelex, and the Storgrid application is a product of evolution—a natural attachment of the Byelex family.”

Secured Enterprise File Sharing

With distributed enterprise increasingly becoming the industry norm, the need to share information has gone beyond what traditional systems can provide. On one hand, employees are more comfortable utilizing cloud file sync and are looking for a simple and easy way to share files in their business environment. On the other hand, enterprise IT is concerned in terms of controlling where data is sent, how it is shared and how secure it is—both in-transit and when stored in the cloud. Countering this challenge, Storgrid provides workforce and organizations with a secure alternative that facilitates productivity while protecting information. “With Storgrid, organizations have full control of the data and can support mobile users and manage file sharing,” says Lenarduzzi. This process enables enterprises to keep the information in their existing servers and storage, and only authorized users can access files through secure apps and browsers using desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices.

Storgrid has developed a multilingual platform through which employees can perform real time operations such as read, write, share, and edit files and documents. In an effort to make the suite collaborative, the company has incorporated SmartOffice from Artifex. “Though the files are created by using SmartOffice, data leakage is prevented as the files are stored in the Storgrid client,” says Lenarduzzi. The platform lends security and control over data flow to the individual users through various in-built encryption features. “The need for encrypting the data is buoyed because of regulatory measures as well as the surge in ransomware and other cyber attacks orchestrated from offshore,” he adds.

With Storgrid, organizations can support mobile users and manage file sharing without losing control

The company harnesses zero knowledge encryption methodology to safeguard data on the server side, the client side, and in the transit mode.

Infusing simplicity in the complex encryption process, Storgrid provides an option in the file menu to enable or disable the encryption. When the user prefers to encrypt a file, 256 bits Advances Encryption Standard (AES) and Attribute Based Encryption (ABE) are used. On disabling the encryption option, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technique is used to protect a file. Highly sensitive data can be made available only to the authorized people using endpoint encryption. Though comprehensive in nature, with features like endpoint encryption, real time file tracking, restricted access to jailbroken devices, the deployment of the platform takes at most 24 hours without affecting internal data traffic. “Storgrid can be easily deployed on top of existing infrastructures or through a SaaS solution, thereby maintaining the same file, directory and user base structure,” says Lenarduzzi. The easy installation of Storgrid ensures seamless business function, without requiring any special implementation programs or heavy financial investments in the new infrastructure.

The key features like variety of data safeguarding techniques, ease of installation and usage have fueled Storgrid to create a spate of success stories. In one of the instances, a Hong Kong based company was struggling to transition from a data storage environment to a more enhanced platform including BYOD and secure file sharing. The biggest challenge was to operate within large cloud environments, and getting a grip on the data traffic and dealing with all applicable regulations. The client integrated Storgrid suite with the existing system and subsequently experienced successful shift to a secure BYOD ecosystem with absolute control over data flow and improvement in sales.

Simplifying Data Management

Lenarduzzi strongly believes that Storgrid’s expert team is the key element behind the company’s success. “We believe the impossible is possible as long as you push yourself and your team with great respect for the individual,” says Lenarduzzi.

Over the years Storgrid has grown from a small business supplier into an ‘enabling’ international strategic partner for the cloud storage service providers market. For the days to come, Storgrid lays out its vision for future, banking on its core principle—to simplify data management from the disk drive all the way to the mobile device in a secure manner .

On an innovation spree, under Lenarduzzi’s stewardship, the Storgrid application will further tot up features to track down devious behavior so that organizations can anticipate malicious threats of employees or users of devices. “You cannot avoid an “Edward Snowdon attack” but you can act instantly, control the possible damage and even repair the damage,” concludes Lenarduzzi.


Oud Gastel, The Netherlands

Frank M Lenarduzzi, Chief Commercial Officer

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