STORIS: Integrated Omni-channel Retail Solution Provider

Douglas Culmone, COO
With the increase of consumer demand and rising competition in the marketplace, the retail industry is moving toward advancing technologies to enhance business processes. However, most retailers fail to leverage the power of technology and end up running their operations manually or on antiquated systems. STORIS, an industry-specific retail software provider, addresses this issue with its comprehensive software solution. STORIS helps over 350 retail businesses perform optimally on a daily basis. Their clientele includes retailers in the realms of furniture, bedding, appliance/ electronics, casual furniture and other big-ticket items such as exercise equipment.

“At STORIS, we deliver measurable benefits that can be achieved by implementing our solution,” says Douglas Culmone, COO, STORIS. The company helps retailers to meet the growing needs of consumers by delivering new product releases every eight months on average. “We are continuously working to provide the best solutions for our clients and are constantly releasing new versions of our software. Our commitment to research and development of our product offering is unmatched in our industry,” he adds.

STORIS understands retail business best practices and meets the needs of unique big-ticket retailers. “We tailor our software to the needs of our market and provide top-notch, experienced support and services to our customers,” states Culmone. “We offer server and cloud-based solutions which allow retailers to choose what fits their business model best,” he adds.

STORIS’s ERP Server solution is ideal for large and mid-sized retailers with robust internal IT capabilities, multiple locations and enterprise-class hardware. The server model is geared toward larger retailers with internal IT departments and the require¬ment to utilize advanced data warehousing.

The company’s cloud-based solution, hosted in Tier 1 data centers, secures client data and eliminates the need for expensive hardware and IT personnel. With over 1,000 users already on the Cloud, STORIS is noticing the shift of many retailers to this convenient solution.

We offer server and cloud-based solutions which allow retailers to choose what fits their business model best

“The Cloud enables our clients to focus on selling furniture and running their businesses, while leaving the IT aspect in STORIS’s hands,” says Culmone.

STORIS stands out from the crowd because it is an industry focused solution and has been under the same ownership for over 25 years. “When it comes to market competition, we always stay ahead of the curve with advancements in technology,” says Culmone. “Another factor that sets us apart is our strong client services team, which is housed in our Headquarters in NJ and never outsourced. The average employee tenure for that group is over nine years. This allows us to deliver experienced, tailored support and maintain strong relationships with our clients.”

STORIS, which stands for Strategic Turnkey Online Retail Information Systems, can be easily integrated with other technologies in various areas like finance, delivery routing, EDI and ecommerce. Through these partnerships, STORIS provides an all-encompassing solution to its clients. “Our customers’ productivity is enhanced in many ways from streamlining point of sale, to having supply chain accuracy to providing on-time delivery to customers, to increasing cash flow and improving brand and product information online,” says Culmone.

STORIS recently launched a Client Suggestion Portal, which allows clients to submit and vote on ideas for improvements and enhancements. This site also gives visibility into STORIS’ development schedule and roadmap. The company continues to evolve without any plans of slowing down, but their core mission remains the same; to provide retailers with the tools necessary to serve consumers. STORIS looks forward to helping the home furnishings industry thrive for generations to come.


Mt. Arlington, NJ

Douglas Culmone, COO

Provides integrated, omni-channel retail software solutions for the furniture, bedding, appliance, and electronics industries